iCloud Drive Stuck either "Finishing... (0 of 10,000 items)" or "Uploading xx,*** items"

I'm running macOS Catalina Beta 2 (19A487l) and having issues with iCloud Drive sync (mainly Desktop and Documents). When I click the info button in Finder next to iCloud Drive it stays in a state of either "Uploading xx,*** items" (currently showing 13,837 items 136.20 GB of 136.20 GB).

If I attempt to disable iCloud Drive (Prefs » Apple ID » iCloud), it asks me finish downloading files before turning off, otherwise I will lose them. I've had this running for a couple days and it will either also says "Uploading xx,*** items" (see below) or it says "Finishing... (0 of 10,000 items)" and never progresses from there. I've had this running for 4 days straight with no resolution. Computer fan has been running at max the whole time.

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Any suggestions?


Try disabling your internet; turn off WiFi or unplug your cable. Then restart Mac Then disable iCloud. Finally reconnect Mine kept uploading empty random folders. Couldn’t get it to stop so that’s what I did.