App Review FAQ

1. How long does a review usually take?

On average, 50% of apps are reviewed within 24 hours and 90% are reviewed within 48 hours. Some apps, however, may require additional time to review, and there may be times during the year where we experience higher-than-average submission volume and therefore have delayed review times.

2. What are some best practices I should follow for developing and submitting an app?

Here are some best practices for a successful app submission:

Carefully review the App Store Review Guidelines to understand App Review do’s and don’ts before you begin app development.

Follow the Before You Submit checklist to make sure your app is fully ready for App Review.

Give yourself enough time for your app’s review before your expected release date. On average, 90% of apps are reviewed within 48 hours, but if the app does not meet the App Store Review Guidelines, you may need to revise and resubmit your app.

3. What are the most common rejections?

Read our tips on Avoiding Common App Rejections.

Make sure the app is complete and free of bugs/crashes before submitting, since the app should be ready for customers to download it from the App Store upon approval.

Be considerate of your users by ensuring your app seeks all the necessary user permissions, performs as advertised, is displayed accurately in screenshots and offers quality content.

4. What if I think that my app was rejected in error?

If you think your app was rejected in error, you can provide additional information responding to the rejection message in Resolution Center. To call attention to how your app addresses the rejection issues, you may also attach screenshots from your app.

If you still feel that your app was rejected in error after reaching out to us in Resolution Center, you can file an appeal to the App Review Board to have your app re-evaluated. The appeal information should be specific about how the app complies with the App Store Review Guidelines. A link to begin an appeal is available in App Store Connect.

5. When can I expect a response to my message in Resolution Center?

Generally, we respond to messages in Resolution Center within 24 hours.

6. What’s the best way to contact or communicate with App Review?

If your app’s status in App Store Connect is "Rejected" or "Metadata Rejected," you can respond to the rejection message in Resolution Center and an App Review team member will review your response. Also, you can contact us through the Apple Developer website. We’re here to help developers like you get great apps on the App Store.

7. How do I provide information about my app?

You may add notes and include attachments in the App Review Information section of App Store Connect. For example, developers may choose to use the Information section to describe the app’s intended audience, communicate how to log in, or explain where the App Review team can find certain features in the app.

8. Do I need to provide a demo or test account?

If your users need to log in to your app, you must provide App Review with all necessary login information to fully review the app, this applies to all apps. The demo account should have enough content to allow the App Review team to assess all functions of the app.


This great, can we ask questions for more information to be added? Like can you provide Information on Sign in with Apple?

I replied to a Review. How long does that take to be read and answered

Generally, we respond to messages in App Store Connect within 24 hours.

I've replied to an App Store Connect reviewer 48 hours ago but don't have a response. I had a small issue and was told that I could get the build released by replying "to release this build" and then fixing the issue on the next update. How long should I keep waiting for or should I insist by replying again?

We received an inquiry under 'Messages' during app review under 'unresolved issues'. We sent our response. Question here is if we need to click 'Resubmit to App Review' in order for the App review team to respond to our response or just wait the 24 hour period?