How do Promo codes work for developers

Yesterday the status of my app became "Pending Developer Release". I look into promo codes and it says " They are for non-commercial use and will expire four weeks after they are requested."

1)What does it mean by "non-commercial use"?

2)Do I have to request all 100 codes at the same time or can I request a little at a time?

3) Is it one code per download? I mean, can only 1 person use this code, I can't give this same code to several people?

4)How will I know whether someone used the code or not?


1) I think "non-commercial use" means that they're not for sale. They're supposed to be for media reviews and promotional events and stuff like that.

2) You can receive your 100 codes per app divided into as many "shipments" as you want.

3) According to the chapter in the iTunes Connect Developer Guide, codes are only redeemable once. You can't give the same code to several people.

4) I don't know if there's a way to figure this out. However, I'm not sure it matters—financially it's the same if you give apps away or if you just don't sell any 🙂

Here's the link in the documentation:

1.) NFS

2.) Your choice - one at a time if you like.

3.) Per user. Redeeming a code uses it up.

4.) Ask them - You could always try it yourself to see if it has been used.

BTW, if you haven't checked it on this topic already, I think the iTunes Connect Dev Guide (& FAQ?) has details.