Xcode "There is not enough disk space available to install the product." with plenty of space.

at 4.4 ish GB, my late 2013 MB Pro's internel SSD with 7.9 GB available ought to be able to handle size requirements for this update, I would think. Or, would have thought. Still, it said no, so I freed up a bit more space. Xcode still responds with "There is not enough disk space available to install the product."
Why is that?


Xcode 7.2 has about a ~10GB footprint once installed (and you also need room for the installer that's downloaded).

  • Downloaded img - let's call it 8 GB
  • Space to unpack - 10 GB
  • Swap space for the OS - let's say 7 GB (could be bit less/more)

...looks like 25 GB just to tread water in your case. I'd clear to 40 ~ 50 so you don't choke, and keep it there. Be sure to empty the trash and consider buying a larger drive soon.

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Ok, thanks for that. So then, that begs the question... can I find an ftp approach to downloading this? I looked for a downloadable file, other than the update via App Store, but did not see any but the betas. Is that not a thing, any more? If I can install from an external, then this becomes doable. Otherwise, it is trickier.

Thanks again, Joar and KMT.

You can download Xcode directly from here


Apple sure does make things easy...

but I have 55 GB of storage
please help me

I had the same problem... SO ANNOYING!!! APPLE!!!?!?

But I just solved it (I think)

I just had to update to the newest OS and now my computer magically realizes I have enough memory to update Xcode.

If I had a glitch this bad in my app, Apple would definitely not approve it for the App store LOL

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I got the same message in Mojave (10.14.5) even though I had 40GB available. I thought it was corrupted, so downloaded again with no change. I was able to work around in Terminal:

cd ~/Applications #otherwise, will unpack into home dir
xip -x ~/Downloads/Xcode_11_Beta.xip

I have the same problem and 75 GB free space available on my 256 GB SSD on a macBook pro!

Apple, something is going wrong here, please fix.

I have 90GB free and Mac App Store tells me there's not enough room to update Xcode to 11!

Reclaim up to 30 GB of Hard Drive Space From Xcode


You can download xcode 11.3 (or any version) here https://developer.apple.com/download/more/

If anyone still needs help with this all you have to do is update your Mac and the problem will be solved.
Trying to update to xcode12, has 30gb available but still showing no space available. So irritating and time consuming, apple find some solution.
I'm trying to update to XCode 12, I was able to start update only after freeing 40Gb of space.
And I need to upload an app to TestFlight, and we all know how long archiving can take.
Thanks for a sleepless night and a major headache, Apple.
( it might be my sleepless rage talking, but 40Gb, seriously, on a 128Gb macbook )