"Sorry, you can’t enroll at this time." when enrolling

Whenever I try to enroll in the Apple Developer Program, I get redirected to an error page saying:

Sorry, you can’t enroll at this time.

on it. I have tried lots of things - different browsers, signing out/back in, clearing cookies, etc. and nothing works. And yes, I have tried enrolling at other times. 😁

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Looks like you have to be 18+ 😟

Benefits and Resources

Sign in with Apple IDIndividualOrganizationEnterprise Program
Xcode Developer Tools
Xcode Beta Releases
Developer Forums
Bug Reporter
Test on Device
Beta OS Releases
Advanced App Capabilities
App Store Distribution
In-house App Distribution
Safari Extensions
Developer ID
Technical Support Incidents
Team Management
TestFlight Beta Testing
App Analytics
CostFree99 USD*99 USD*299 USD**
Requirement13+18+DUNS NumberDUNS Number

* The Apple Developer Program is 99 USD per membership year or in local currency where available.
** The Apple Developer Enterprise Program is 299 USD per membership year or in local currency where available.

I've had the exact issue, where I have entered the correct information and am over 18. Tried with multiple apple ids yet these did not work.

This worked for me though: https://developer.apple.com/forums/thread/129691?page=8#627751022
Hi everyone,

I've been trying to sign up for Apple developer membership for days and I always get this message.

For one or more reasons, your enrollment in the Apple Developer Program could not be completed.

Apple support could not help me and could not tell me the reasons.
I tried it from different devices, with different IP addresses and new AppleIDs, nothing helped.
Did any of you have the same experiences and could solve them ? If yes, would you be so kind and share your solution with me.

Best regards and thanks for your help in advance
@ggambera same here, post an update if you solve it.
Hi there, I have tried for several days to enroll to developer program but it's not possible. I get "Your enrollment could not be completed". "Your enrollment in the Apple Developer Program could not be completed at this time". I tried different browsers, different devices, with other accounts, but nothing.
I called to Apple Support many times. Nobody gave me an answer. Just, try with another account, try with other wifi/network, etc. And now, I see in many forums about same issue. How is it possible? Apple doesn't want that we develop apps ?
I have to deploy an app immediately. Please, could somebody help me ? Thanks.

I'm getting this error too as an individual/sole proprietor. So, based on the answer to this question, it looks like for individuals/sole proprietors the Developer program is free? Is that why I'm being given this error?
It is not possible that no one in the world has managed to solve this mistery. I've also been in the same situation for 10 days, but I read that this enrollment block has existed for years and Apple pretends not to know when you call them.
WHY Apple WHY, I am 10 years old and make some of the best apps in the world!

how can i pay 99 usd??

Same issue!

is the problem solved with you?


I'm 31 and my dob is also updated but still I can't enroll!!!

Have you found any solution to this?

What do you guys expect? The terms are clearly stated and if they made an mistake, msg the support, it's as fast but in general these are the terms you signed. There will be no "update" on this guys, the contract details are clearly stated...


Me too , I have the same issue

I'm older than 18y

How can I fix it?