Crashes organizer no longer symbolicating reports in Xcode 7.3.1

Xcode's Crashes organizer is no longer symbolicating reports for me. It was working fine before, but builds distributed since early June are no longer symbolicating. My guess is that it doesn't actually have to do with 7.3.1, since builds submitted before early June were symbolicating just fine, but some kind of problem on the backend.

Is anybody else seeing the problem or have a workaround to suggest? I have changed nothing in the way I upload builds to TestFlight/App Store.

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Actually I've now been using atos as described in this TN if a report doesn't symbolicate:


I'm having this problem as well.

I found this post helpful in symbolicating my crash logs manually:

in particular the post by 'Sea Coast of Tibet'.

In the Xcode Crashes Organizer, cmd-click/right click on the app's name (above "# devices") and choose 'Show in Finder' to find the '***.xccrashpoint' bundle containing the raw crash logs. Cmd-click/right-click on this and select 'Show Package Contents' to open the bundle.

Copy the raw crash logs to a folder with your app's binary and its dSYM file (you did save these after submitting your app, right?) and follow the directions in "Sea Coast of Tibet"'s post with some/all of the crash logs to see the symbolicated stack trace of each crash.

The method described in the linked SO answer worked for me. Kind of nuts that this is still happening though, 3 months later. I filed a bug a while back and Apple did respond with some follow up questions, but nothing since.

So for whatever reason this started working again. Doesn't really seem to be tied to any particuar release of Xcode or anything, it just appears to have fixed itself after some time of using 8.1

I've gotten it to work by deleting the folder $HOME/Library/Developer/Xcode/Products/<>

then clicking "download dSYMs..." in organizer, and restarting Xcode.

Actually I've now been using atos as described in this TN if a report doesn't symbolicate: