Can I use Windows 10 to develop IOS apps?

Can I use Windows 10 to develop IOS apps?

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You will always require a MacOSX environment. You could look at hosted MacOSX solutions or connecting to a virtual session but eventually you will need a Mac. Having said that, you can actually create code within any editor of your choice. However, you are not going to be able to easily debug the code, and you will need a MacOSX environment to submit any project to the App Store.

Note that when choosing a machine you should get one that can support the latest OSX version if possible.

While there are ways to pseudo-code up to a point, Apple's IDE requires macOS if you expect to build and upload to the store.

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You can use VMware which allows you to install any OS, you don't need to by a Mac. However, if you were thinking to use win 10 for developing iOS , you can not.

You can't run a MacOS VM on a Windows machine. But you can do the reverse, so if you can only buy one machine, buy a Mac and use Windows VMs 🙂

  • I am on a mac os running on a windows vm right now lol..

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I was in the Windows system development iOS iOS is also in the Windows system directly upload iOS APP to App Store, as long as the use of this tool Appuploader, you can search for use, can be used free of charge.

Is there a way of developing the program on a mac device (imac, iphone, ipad) but code in Windows 10 and launch the program direct onto an Apple OS Hardware.


>Does XCODE as an IDE work multi platform. Thats the real question.

As explained above, and to you in yourother thread same topic, Xcode requires a mac.


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You can do this, you need Xcode on Windows, a Virtual Machine and software that will help redirect the iOS devices to a virtual environment.

precise instruction:

No, Macrosoft's (you all know that's what Mac really stands for) Business Practices are more predatory than those of a certain neighbor a couple of states to their north. You must buy a $4000-$7000 device that you would never use for anything else in order to build silly games for a tablet. If you would like to use a good computer to make actual programs rather than just apps, give up. It cannot be done.

There are a lot of sites with various programs and extensions claiming to do what you're looking for, several links are even in this topic, but they are all failures. Every last one of them has been abandoned and many may cause harm to your computer. In the very least they will waste space on your hard drive.

I’m confused, what is everyone talking about.

You can absolutely develop IOS apps on windows 10, Windows 11. Visual Studio 2020 and 2022 both support IOS App development. Now , with that says just like most alternatives it uses Xarmarin and you would develop using .net (c#) and while it’s not obj c it would still be native.

with that said you could also (which I do regularly ) use Kotlin and create a multi platform application (design and develop once across all platforms) right inside of android studio on windows 10 and now windows 11 (for testing at the moment)

there are also non native apps that use web view to create hybrid applications that are built specifically with web languages but utilize api that allow you to interact with devices api such as vibrate , contacts, phone calls etc. This particular technology has been around probably longer then some of you “developers” in here apparently

now if your question is “can I develop using Xcode or Obj C “ in windows 10 then that answer is sadly no but considering the OP asked of they could develop iOS apps on windows then there is nothing stopping them from create a utility app or even the next big game on the market.

when it comes to compiling the developed app however you WILL need Xcode because it’s required to digitally sign the developed app and to upload it to the App Store as well.

I personally own a Mac mini specifically for this task. But if you want to jump through 100 hoops and old Mac OS X on windows 10 you can do that too, the only issue is going to be when it comes to the hardware , I’m order to do this (and it absolutely works) you will need to be sure that your specific hardware is compatible with Macs very specific criteria list. There are certain CPUS and Ram and video cards and even hdds that are incompatible with Mac and that will cause issues, I’m some cases you can emulate certain things but again you wouldn’t want to jump through those hoops.

So if you are a .net developer or a web developer do lot let those in here tell you that you can develop for IOS on windows 10.

I would personally recommend the latest Mac Mini (if you want to save money and will only use it for compiling) as a way to compile instead of trying to spend way too much time trying to getting a compatible version of Mac OS X working because (same when it comes to getting a Mac mini) if you get an older model then you can’t use Xcode to upload or compile because of technology changes or policy changes so you want to make sure you have the latest to ensure you can use Xcode (I have an older G4 which obvs wouldn’t work for compiling today)

to everyone in this thread with a resounding no, I’m not sure if you just don’t know and claim “no” or if you don’t know and think your helping Apple while claiming no and pushing a Mac as the only way, you’re not helping Mac. There are actually 10s of thousands of apps on the Apple market that make Apple money that have been developed with Xamarim, as w hybrid app or as a completely web based app running in Web View to appear native while actually completely running on line. Apple makes money off these apps as well.

I don’t want any developer or aspiring developer who has already mastered a language or is mastering a language outside of obj C or had a non Mac machine to feel they can’t be part of this community and contribute to the Apple App Store. The ability to develop cross platform one way or the other using windows has been around for ages! Heck even intel bought out a company about 8 years ago that allowed you to create and compile IOS apps using their sdk! though they no longer exist. This isn’t a new concept.

I personally develop hybrid apps and .net apps because it’s where and how I feel comfortable doing it.

  • You’re a legend for this response. Thanks.

  • You gave me a hope with this answer! I have a question about this: 'with that said you could also (which I do regularly ) use Kotlin and create a multi platform application (design and develop once across all platforms) right inside of android studio on windows 10' I was referring this link: which has a warning that i will require a Mac with macOS due to Apple requirement, so is there any workaround for that?

  • Only note that the Apple Developer Program License Agreement: requires "not to install, use or run the Apple SDKs on any non-Apple-branded computer".

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Hi, I wanted to provide an update on this because I've been developing primarily on Windows for both iOS and Android. There are now development platforms out there that allow you to test iOS apps from within Windows on your iPhone.

The one I have been using extensively is the Expo SDK which I can use with Expo CLI and the Expo Go app to run my React Native application on my iPhones and Android Devices from Windows.

The only issue I have found is that while I can build iOS apps from Windows, I can not upload them although I haven't done to much research in to this as I just use my Mac to upload via the Transporter app.

Hope this helps.

  • Thank you for your answer, I am in the process to create an app, and this information has helped me a lot, thanks a lot again!

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No matter what language you use, you still need a Mac machine. Either you borrow from someone or you buy one YOU STILL NEED A Mac MACHINE.

Don't get confused by people with technology gibberish. Developing IOS apps also include uploading to the store. you cant do that with windows or without xcode.

Dont let others waste your time. If its not supported in official documents, you will always end up failing.

  • Are you a fan boy to force him to buy a Mac device?

    Plenty of tutorial on how to setup Max OSX on a virtual machine for free on Windows.

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No. You need XCode for that. But XCode is tied to OS version, so, you need a recent MacOS version. But MacOS is tied to the hardware, so, you need a recent hardware to run that specific MacOS. And XCode simulators are not the real thing, so you will need an iPhone. But the XCode is also tied to the iOS version, so you will need a recent iOS version. But iOS is tied to iPhone hardware, so you will need a recent iPhone.

Basically, you will need to supply Apple with huge amounts of money now and then.

That's is how you make a rich company (not by selling quality products, a thing Apple just DON'T HAVE)

No. You can only build and run iOS apps on Xcode. And Xcode only works properly on 16 GB Macbook Pro. I mean literally you are developing an iOS app with Xcode requires 4 GB RAM and a great cooling system (& also a proper working fan.). Which you can't get in lower macbook models like Macbook Air. The thing is that you have to purchase a Macbook Pro with big screen resolution like minimum of 14 inches to perform better multitasking while testing the app and big storage; as Xcode can roughly use about 80 GB size on Mac and iOS app additional extensions can increase up to 150 GB. My 16 GB Macbook Pro with 16 inches has 512 GB storage; and I'm having storage scarcity. & I can't extend the storage like in non-apple devices.

On my Macbook Pro, Xcode takes roughly about 247 GB storage. That's too much.

So purchasing a Macbook Pro with 16 GB RAM , 14 inch display, 1 TB storage size can roughly cost $2500. And this is the BASE MODEL for iOS development LOL.

Which is very much costly for many people in the world. And if you are planning to buy low level macbook (AIR model) just to build iOS apps. Then you are wasting your money.

And with iOS upgrade you will require to but a new Macbook Pro every 4 years As new Xcode drops support for macOS older than 4 years. So again spend at least $2500. Else you can checkout at Apple Developer website :

Hey, I think these processes will help you with what you find here.

You must read these easy steps:

1. Install Mac OS On Your Windows Computer Using VirtualBox​

Creating iOS apps on Microsoft is the fastest method with a virtual machine. Any controlling system can operate in an environment of virtual machines that mimic actual hardware.

Because it enables you to install Windows on Linux and maybe even OS X, this feature is known as virtualization. You require two items to operate Mac OS on a virtual machine:

  • A clone of OS X in the form of an installer or virtual image file.
  • A program for virtual machines, such as VirtualBox or VMware.

A copy of OS X may be obtained from the Application Store. Additionally, you may locate installers online from a variety of sites. Remember that running Mac OS on hardware made by third parties violates Apple’s End-User Licensing Agreement (EULA).

2. Obtain A Mac Through The Cloud.​

Even though it’s significantly more expensive, renting a Mac in the Cloud is a far easier way to receive your hands on OS X. Rent-a-Mac solutions include Mac-in-Cloud and Mac-Stadium, providing reasonably priced items. In addition, you may use a Remote Desktop Link to access those Macs in the Cloud (RDP).

Both Windows and the majority of Linux OS have built-in Remote Desktop services that you may use. Additionally, installing Xcode and your iPhone application development solutions is possible after signing in.

3. Construct Your Own Mac​

Installing OS X on a Windows Computer is perhaps the most obvious option for iOS services for app development on a Windows PC. The entire consumer experience, design, and interconnectedness that the tech giant has provided have long been a favorite among Apple fans.

A Hackintosh is a personal computer that runs Mac OS. You may install OS X as a deployable OS to your PC in the same way you would install OS X in a virtual environment.

4. Make Use Of Cross-Platform Software To Create IOS Applications On Windows.​

You can export your software to iOS and Android using cross-platform tools after only writing one line of code. That might reduce the time and expense of developing your application in half. But unfortunately, very few cross-platform solutions let you develop iOS apps on a Windows computer or assemble the program if a Mac is connected to your network.

Cross-platform software development solutions are frequently criticized for offering limited access to and assistance for smartphone technology and being less “smart” than its competitors.

Always remember that any cross-platform solution will eventually need you to write platform-specific software, especially if you wish to provide bespoke features.

5. Use A Swift Sandbox To Code.​

Since Swift is just an open-source program, it may be used on any hardware. Since Swift has become an open-source program, it may be used on any hardware. As a result, if the language has been transferred to Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, you may also execute it there.

With Swift Sandbox, you can study Swift and use it to code without a Mac or XCode. When you run a code fragment in Swift Sandbox, a web service receives it. The web server will compile the code, and outcomes will be returned.

As a result, if the language has been transferred to Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, you may also execute it there.

6. Utilize Unity3D.​

Unity is a robust integrated development environment (IDE) that allows you to create games for various platforms, including Android, iOS, Microsoft, and others. However, because of its rapid development and robust capabilities, it is also suitable for creating non-gaming apps.

Simple steps are required to support iOS programming on Windows using Unity’s “Cloud Build” functionality. It is simple to set up, design, and build iOS programs by signing up as an Apple programmer and participating in unity cloud development.

It is possible to fully construct an iPhone app in Windows using a free editor for design and delivery. To build the project, use a Mac!

7. With The Hybrid Framework, Xamarin​

Hybrid frameworks offer a more affordable alternative to Cloud Mac for iOS development on Microsoft. Most developers, who maintain that Xamarin produces native results, trust this platform.

It was coded in C#. It provides a feature-rich framework that enables you to create and develop iOS apps from Windows and then distributes them to iOS devices. The only task that requires a Mac and that cannot be completed on Windows is android app submission.

8. When Using React Native​

For iOS development using Windows, a popular cross-platform technology called React Native, based on Javascript is employed. It is a preferred tool among developers due to its outstanding features and simple learning curve.

Creating an ios version in Windows is feasible by establishing Mac OS implementation machines and the android emulator. You can use the Expo generator, which is accessible on both iOS and Android, to view the results.

Follow precise instructions here: