Sign In With Apple not working with Xcode 12 beta on simulator ?

Running the sample "Juice" app, which demos the Sign In With Apple flow, doesn't seem to work with Xcode 12 beta and iOS 14 beta on the simulator (worked fine on the non-beta versions and on a real device with iOS 14 beta).

Once the password for the device's Apple ID is entered, the wheel in the password field just keeps spinning. No error messages and nothing handed back over to the app from the ASAuthorizationController.

Anyone else seeing this problem ? Are there any workarounds ?
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  • Same problem here, any solution yet?

  • facing the same issue in xcode 12.3 and simulator iOS 14.3

  • This is a complete joke... absolutely no comment by Apple on this... Apple doesn't care about its developers at all... The only solution: buy an iPhone!


Hi npvisual, thanks so much for the question! Could you please file a feedback assistant issue for this, and please comment back here with the FB number so we can get it in front of our Simulator team? Please attach the app you're running, and also please attach the output of sudo sysdiagnose as well as xcrun simctl diagnose. It would be best to run the app, try to sign in, let it get into the failure state, and then run these diagnose commands before attaching them to the feedback assistant issue. That way, we should have a better chance of seeing what might be going wrong. Thank you!!
Sure. Here's the FB number : FB7786750. I have attached the requested files to the issue.

As mentioned, you can use the "Juice" app, run it in the simulator with Xcode 12 Beta.
Can confirm this happens with the Juice sample app.

  • Xcode 12.0b1

  • SimulatorKit 597.8

  • CoreSimulator 725.10

  • iOS 14.0

Can confirm!

Actually "Sign In With Apple" in general does not run on iOS 14 Simulators. I have a full blown "Sign In With Apple" with backend server that runs smoothly on all iOS 14 DEVICES, but not the Simulator.

iOS 14 Simulators, once you sign in to Apple account in the Settings,
  • you can not Sign Out!!!!

  • no access to submenu: Name, Phone Number, Email

  • no access to submenu: Password & Security

Did another test with Xcode 12 beta 2 :

Xcode Version 12.0 beta 2 (12A6163b)
Simulator Version 12.0 (940.9.1)
SimulatorKit 597.8
CoreSimulator 725.10

Same issue
Also submitted FB7875260 to address the related issues that @KINGandKONG highlighted in one of the replies.
Still an issue with Xcode 12 beta 3.
  • Xcode Version 12.0 beta 3 (12A8169g)

  • Simulator Version 12.0 (940.12)

  • SimulatorKit 597.10

  • CoreSimulator 732.7

This is currently a massive blocker for me at the moment. Really hope this gets fixed in Beta 4.
Still not working in Xcode 12 beta 4.
Can repro this 10/10 on Xcode 12b4 when running on a Simulator running iOS 14 (using the Juice sample app). It works fine when running on a physical device (iOS 14 or lower), as well as when running on an iOS 13.4 Simulator.

I've filed FB8281892 with details.
This is a major blocker for any sort of development using "Sign In With Apple". An update would be really appreciated on FB7786750. Thanks.
I'm currently using Xcode 12.0 beta 4 (12A8179i) with the same issue.

This has been broken for me since the first Xcode beta. It's disappointing that this is still unusable mid-way through the beta cycle. Developing on a physical device isn't doable for everyone since it's not recommended to put the betas on devices not soley devoted to development.

I hope this is fixed in the next beta.
I can still repro this in the latest beta (Xcode 12 b5) on the Simulator.
Yep, button shows up, bug the sign in process goes into the infinite spinning wheel after I enter my apple ID credentials. Version 12.0 beta 5 (12A8189h)
Three months and six beta releases and this still has not been fixed! Not even acknowledged as a known issue in the release notes. This is absurd. I can't imagine the developers have not been able to reproduce any of the bug reports submitted. Last time I will submit any bug report to apple.