iOS 14 bluetooth problem

So i did install iOS 14 the beta version on my iPhone 11 Pro 256GB version. Got a few problems. Maby people know the solution for it.
  1. Bluetooth with mu Airpods Pro stops working after time. One moment it works perfect. Then the music stops and the connection in gone. Have to reconnect the bluetooth than everthing works again.

  2. Same bluetooth problem with my car radio.

  3. i Also have the problem that my phone stops working. Black screen and reboot.

Anymore know what to do with this?
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I have the same problem, I try to reinstall the beta more than 10 times, can’t fix this.
The same problem with my iPhone 11 128
Same here can’t find new devices the old already connected ones work good.

iphone 11 pro max
I have the same problem with my iPhone 11 128g.
I’m having same problem here with iPhone 11 Pro Max (iOS 14 Beta 2).
Got the exact same Problems on an iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB, but on another iPhone (same Model) no Problems and also no Problems on my iPad.
Same on an iPhone 11 Pro. I've found that restarting the phone fixes the issue for a while
same here.
I got this issue from Beta 3...
I've restarted my iPhone 11 Pro a few times, but it didn't solve the problem.
Same sort of on a iPhone XR 128gb, my AirPods always intermittently disconnect and reconnect every 30 seconds or so for like 1 to 2 seconds....very annoying
Won't connect to my obd stuff ether.
Ios14 b3 11PM
If you want listen Music, shut of your screen. Then it‘ll probably work.
I too face the very same issue. I am not able to use my Bluetooth headsets or even personal hotspot because of this Bluetooth issue
I have the same issue from yesterday since I upgrade to pb2 on my iPhone SE 2. Reset the AirPods pro and AirPods serval times but it still doesn't work when I listening to the music except the phone talk.
also, Beats, Bose QC30 and pixel buds they shows the correct connection to your iPhone but music didn't play in your earphone. really wired.

btw, I have iPad pro installed 13.6, it works well.
Same thing happened when I installed developer BETA 3 yesterday - my airpods are no longer working. (iPhone 11 Pro 256GB) It was working fine on Beta 1.