After Installing MacOS Big Sur latest beta update, My mac is showing battery service required warning in battery Icon.

Hi, I installed and update the macOS Big Sur latest available beta and after installation is done, It is showing me battery service required warning in my battery icon, My mac is new and it's been hardly 5-6 months and used casually.

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Same issue here. MacBook Air 2015 11"

The battery was fine before the update, it used to last the entire day.

Since updating it lasts 2 hours max. I've tried everything: deleted Chrome, disabled some of the Spotlight Search categories, tried resetting NVRAM and PRAM, resetting the SMC, doing a reboot and booting into safe mode...

Nothing works. Still get the "service recommendation" message and the battery doesn't last at all.

Extremely disappointed. Hope Apple comes up with a solution...

Update from my side. No bueno. Downgraded to Catalina and still the same issue. Battery with 19 cycles is considered broken.
So it seems like we have at least identified one walk-around. Downgrade (fresh install) of Catalina. I will do this today and confirm if it worked for me.

Regardless, this further indicates we have an issue with Big Sur rather than hardware. Keeping in mind some people might in fact need their batteries replaced.

I just wonder why Apple is not recognizing this nor issued a patch. I strongly believe Apple has much better knowlegde about the root cause than we. So either this is limited to too small number of cases or it is not that trivial to fix.
I also had the `battery service recommendation' after upgrading to Big Sur. I downgraded back to Catalina, and the warning sign is gone! The battery works just fine.
I faced the same issue after Big Sur upgrade.
I re-installed catalina via USB key & erased the entire disk in the process including removing all partitions and the battery issues are gone. No more warning and battery is working fine.
I am not going to upgrade to Big Sur anytime soon due to this bug.

I have a MacBook Pro 16 2018 with 176 battery cycles.
Having the same issue here. 2018 Mac book pro... only 250 battery cycles. Battery lasts no time now and computer goes to sleep when battery gets to 50% and can't wake up without being plugged in. Disaster!
same issue here. Apple do something, ha.
It's outrageous to think that Apple has not responded to this issue. Clearly Big Sur is doing this. I have the same issue re: battery health and am unable to reinstall Catalina because my systems is too old apparently (even though I was using Catalina before the upgrade). I am a published writer, and will be writing up a piece on this frustrating issue to pitch to CNET and other tech outlets. Please send me your experiences and I would like to gather quotes and get this issue out there in public. Why should we spend thousands of dollars only to upgrade our equipment with sub par software affecting our batteries, with no assistance from Apple? This shouldn't be hush hush, this needs to be known if Apple can't step up to the plate....
Hi all, same here Macbook pro 2018 13" . I had Big Sur for a couple of months without issue. The warning appeared suddenly a few days ago. I think after a small update. I run apple diagnostics and everything is fine. Also o resete SMC but nothing. Hope to get an answer from the support.
Additional observation - due to battery issue my CPU is limited to 1,5GHz....
I have exactly the same issue. My battery had 16 cycles on a day I did upgrade to Big Sur. Following the upgrade it ran an optimalization for battery and lo an behold - battery needs servicing.

Tried resetting all of the settings and PV and SMC but nothing so far helped. Even clean install didn't help.

Clearly there is something wrong with software side of things or this is a very unlucky coincidence.
MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports)
Shortly after upgrading to Big Sur, I had battery needs service.
I replaced the battery and two weeks later, it says the battery needs service again and won't charge it.
Something is rather ******.
I had keyboard issues(repetitive keystroke issue). While I was fiddling with my system report, I noticed my battery health was down to less than 75% even though my computer is a 15" from late 2018 at ~200 cycles. Apple on their website recommends replacing batteries when it reaches 80% health.

I reached out to customer support and they offered to replace the keyboard free of cost which comes attached with the battery too.

I brought it home and I have used the computer for just over two weeks, 99% of the time plugged in. I used the computer on battery for a maximum of about 1.5 hrs. My total cycle count already says I'm at 4. My battery capacity dropped from >7400 to <7280.

The two times I used my computer on battery, the remaining charge drops from 75% to 45% in less than 30 minutes. No resource heavy operations. Just a streaming video. Not sure what is going on. It's just a two weeks old battery.
Same issue here with my 2017 MacBook Pro 13" without TouchBar (A1708). In addition, it automatically goes to sleep randomly even when the battery indicator shows percentages well above 50%. Turning it back on results in the low battery indicator. Once it's plugged in, it turns on fine and resumes as normal. I'm running a clean install of Big Sur 11.1

This definitely isn't something I'd expect from Apple. In fact, issues like these were the very reason I switched in the first place. What a shame.
Similar problem here. Since Big Sur my USB-C ports randomly stop working in respect to charging. The battery runs empty although the Macbook is connected to the charger. If I change the port it suddenly charges again. This is particularly annoying when leaving the Macbook closed lid and coming back after some time finding the Macbook battery completely drained.