Big Sur Problem?: "You do not have permission to open the application"

With the new update off MacOS I have encountered an issue with opening quite a few off my applications as it says within the title I do not have the permission to open the application. Has anyone had any similar problems to this if so what have you done to resolve this and why does this occur.
  • Use this. It worked for me - codesign --force --deep --sign - /Applications/

    It will try to force sign the app and give you permission to run it.

  • Thanks @SridharRaj this fix worked for me. I had been digging for a fix for about 3 hours. Watched YouTube videos, ran utilities, changed permissions, enabled apps from anywhere et al but nothing worked. I am so very grateful. Thanks again.

  • Thanks @SridharRaj this worked for me too... You saved my time :-)


Yes, I have the same situation with some of my apps too after updating to Big Sur.
Tried to disable Gatekeeper in terminal:
sudo spctl --master-disable

But it doesn't help.
  • Try this.. :

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xattr -rd <app>

then execute it and it'll ask for admin permissions ;)
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  • This worked for me. Thank you.

  • but how am I supposed to do the command?

  • Worked for me, thanks - type in top Terminal, add a space and drag in the executable file (often need to right-click and go to Show Package Contents-Contents-MacOS to find the binary

Same issue, some of my Apps do not open I get this dialog window saying "You. don't have permission to open the App, contact Your computer or network Administrator for assistance" Also it happens when I want to install an App. I changed permissions and it did not work. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
same problem
xattr didn't help, any idea why?

Same trouble here.
Also tried read/write admin permission, Gatekeeper and also SIP
same issue here. Tried disabling gatekeeper, xattr and r/w permissions in get info. no luck.
Same problem here. Things I've already done:

Disabled gatekeeper
Disablde System Integrity Protection (SIP)
Blocked in /etc/hosts
Verified Sharing and Permissions to Read&Write via file info (cmd-i)
Added check to the App in Full Disk Access in Security & Privacy

Still no luck.
Same! Nothing seems to work!!
I reapplied the permission on the folder that I was scanning to. Works on Canon copiers.

Still having issues with HP smb scanning
  • This worked for me, used the command chmod -R 777 insert_folder_name from Terminal

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I found a solution here:
  • Thanks

    This solved for me, in my case, the app was "Atom", then: "xattr -rd /Applications/"

  • Great solution, worked with FLUME app for me.

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I also have the same issue. I also have tried every thing listed here and more.
You have to SUDO xattr -d <app>
Same! Nothing seems to work!!
same issue.

device: DTK
os: 11.0.1 ( not β )
One cause of this on Apple silicon machines, including the DTK, is building your app for arm64e rather than arm64. See this post for more.

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  • I had the same issue. I searched for ages and tried various things. In the end, I resolved it getting relevant info from the HomeBrew github and posted it on the UPX GitHub issue log. Check it out > In your preferred Shell (bash / zsh / fish / etc), run this: git -C $(brew --repo homebrew/core) checkout master That will swich your brew from the "origin" branch to the "master" branch From there, run this: brew install upx

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