How to install iOS 13 on iPhone 6 OR how to use TestFlight on iOS 12.4.9

I really need to install TestFlight on my device which is an iPhone 6, but the app requires iOS 13 or later!
Is there any possible way to get ride of this problem? I mean any possibility other than buying a new iPhone🤪
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  • Same here:/

  • I am iphone6 user. It is really frustrating that I cannot upgrade to iOS13. Many apps including Amazon have stopped app on iOS<13. it is forcing customers to purchase new phone which is not good.

  • Need an iOS 13 upgrade to install banking apps and many applications 😔😔😔


I have a solution here:
  • Download 3uTools on your pc

  • Go to the apps store in 3uTools and search TestFlight

  • Download that and it will automatically install in your iphone or any device your using

  • If it says it's not compatible ...don't worry

  • Just go to the Apps store in your phone and go to the purchased section

  • When you press install it will ask you if you want to download the latest compatible version

  • Agree to that and....Voila

You got your TestFlight
  • This worked for me. great solution!

  • it's work bro, thanks for your solution

  • Thanks, this solution worked for me 👍

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If possible try logging into Apple ID on an latest iOS device (phone of a friend for example) and download the app, then on your iPhone 6 go to App Store>Updates>Account ( account picture on the upper right corner)>Purchased>Not on this iPhone and click the cloud download - it should download a compitable version of the app.
@Apple, please update TestFlight's combabilities requirements to allow users of iOS < 13 to install it, as you claim that TestFlight is compatible with iOS > 8.

This is a serious issue
Hello, having the same problem. Customers cannot download TestFlight on older devices unless they had downloaded it already before.

  • Download TestFlight on device with iOS >= 13

  • Open App Store on target device (device with iOS < 13)

On Target Device (device with iOS < 13):
  • App Store > Updates > Account > Purchased > My Purchases

  • Click cloud download icon next to TestFlight

  • App store will ask you if you would like to download the last compatible version

  • Download 👏🎉

  • I did't by installing the TestFlight on the App Store in my Mac, then it shows on the App Store in my Iphone, without needing another mobile device.

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The solution posted that suggests using a device with iOS > 13 to download and install TestFlight isn't a solution... if I had a device that had iOS > 13 I'd simply use it to test...

Planned obsolescence is frustrating for your community, Apple... app developers have to be realistic about the environment into which they test and release software, and not everyone has a new iPhone.
Same here @apple fix it please
Same. I cant download the apps. Because the want a minimum 13 ios version.
Please Apple help me
Same problem just now 11th May 2021

Testflight app is designed to test apps before launch, however min iOS is 13 - how to test older devices?
please apple i would like to use the TestFlight app and i have an iphone 6 do something please we need it