Battery health drain

Why is My 1 month old iPhone is draining battery health too fast, just one and half month old and it has already lost 2% battery health although i charge about only 50-60% charge daily and never charged it 0-100 then also please help if someone can.
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Number of charging sessions, charging rate and more generally speaking temperature could affect the reported battery health. For example charging 10 times a day and keeping your phone at 95% - 100% would wear out the battery faster than if you charged from 50% up to 100% once a day. If your iPhone supports fast charging and you use a Mac or USB-PD charger it could shorten charging time and at the same time decrease battery health faster. Disabling optimized battery charging might magnify these effects.

Just taking the numbers from the 20% decrease over 500 charge cycles yardstick (which I think is used for warranty repair determination) at 30 days × 50% = 15 charge cycles, you might interpolate and expect 0.6%, but that rounds to 1%, and your 2% might be rounded up from 1.5%. Your iPhone probably didn't leave the factory 1 month ago, and if you've only ever discharged your phone to 50% then there's the possibility that the estimated "battery health" percentage comes with a wider margin of error.

i.e. There's little use speculating over an iPhone estimating 98% battery health if it performs as expected.

Well i have a brand new iphone and im having it 1 month only charge 25-100 (mostly) or sometimes 30-85% and my battery health is still 100%