excessive battery drain IOS 14.4.2

Since IOS 14.4 My iphone se (1st generation) suffers from battery drain.


You're not the only one that is having this issue...
14 . 4 . 2 kills my phone in a few hours and random internet disconnects. Best upgrade ever.

I’m having the same problem.
I have had the same problem with my iPhone 12. I am constantly running to the charger, and barely on my phone all day
I have been noticing this on my iPhone 12 Pro Max
Been have severe battery drain since up date to iOS 14.4.2

Same issue for me. Dramatical battery drain after upgrade to latest 14.4.2. iPhone Xs MT532CN/A.

Please help!
Same here. I’ve got a 12 Pro Max and noticed a distinct battery drain
My iPhone (X) even acknowledges this. In the Battery section in settings it says:

Recent Usage

Your iPhone has been used more than usual since upgrading iOS, which may affect battery life.

I have not been using it more myself.

There are no obvious candidates in the list of programs taking up battery power, so I reckon it is iOS itself.

@PhilR73 same here took off charge a few hours ago haven’t even used it now 89% what gives Apple?
Add another to the list; my battery is lasting half as long as it used to since I updated to 14.4.2
Same issue after 14.4.2 upgrade. iPhone SE second gen. horrible battery drain issue after the iOS upgrade. Please fix is urgently
Battery issues for me as well. 14.4.2 was automatically installed overnight on my Iphone 7 and today I've noticed a significant problem with my battery life.

From 100% battery life at 9:00AM to 14% at 2:00PM with literally zero usage of the phone.
Same here. iPhone XS Max. Had no issues with 14.2 or 14.3, nor 14.4 that I can recall. 14.4.1 seemed a bit more draining... but I could still get 2 full days. Now with 14.4.2 I’m lucky to get a full day. Went from 42% at night before I went to bed, woke up with a dead phone. What gives????
iOS 14.4.2 on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.
This is definitely one of the worst updates from Apple.
Takes ages to charge the iPhone.
Once charged, the battery is dead within 2 to 3 hours.
0 rating out of 10 to Apple for this one!
Two to three charges per day. Sometimes I have a dead phone around noon with no usage at all. No idea what it is using all this power to do. Horrible power drain. Iphone se. was fine until the new iOS. Would get day and a half with usage. Cant be good for the battery to be draining so hard.