Apps rejected by App Store Connect if they contain Objective-C dictionaries defined with @{ @"key": @"value" } notation

I have been having trouble submitting my app to App Store Connect after building it with Xcode 13.

I figured out that if a project contains this Objective-C code, App Store Connect will reject the app claiming it to use NSConstantDictionary as a private API:

NSDictionary *myDictionary = @{@"a":@"b", @"c":@"d" };
NSLog(@"myDictionary: %@", myDictionary);

I suspect the same issue exists for NSArray, at least when written with @[@"a", @"b"] notation.

I filed FB9188387 regarding this. It seems like a pretty big problem. The FB includes a very simple sample project that gets rejected with the error above. The same project archived and submitted by Xcode 12.5 is accepted. The FB also contains a copy of this sample project with the two lines above commented out. That is accepted and processed by App Store Connect.