MacOS Monterey Keyboard lag


I am having major issues with my typing on my MacBook Pro 16inch 2019. Seems to be something related to the caps lock function, as when enabled the key inputs just don’t work/show up on the computer. It becomes unresponsive, and even after multiple times me clicking on the keyboard, nothing works but then after few seconds, the letters show but seems to be missing the first few clicks made. I have tried to be patient but it just looks like the keyboard inputs don’t show no matter how slow I go. A workaround I have found is just not turning on caps lock as that’s when the issue is severe. Note does happen sometimes when caps is off.

I hope I am making sense as this is a real pain typing this.

is there anyone who can help me with this issue or are experiencing similar problems as me.

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  • I can't answer your question but I found this post because I was searching for the same issue. (Late) 2019 MacBook Pro 13" here. Definitely seems related to the caps lock. It will give me the spinning pinwheel sometimes or the whole system freezes up for 2-3 seconds. Sometimes the caps lock button becomes engaged and other times it doesn't. A very odd issue.

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Same issue for me. It looks related to bluetooth. If you plug in the keyboard, it goes away. I removed and re-added my keyboard and the problem still exists.

  • For me at least this occurs when using the built-in MacBook keyboard. I do have a Magic Mouse 2 connected via bluetooth but no other devices.

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