Cannot uninstall XCode Previews App iOS 15

Hello, I’m not a developer but a regular user and while I was checking out iOS 15’s features I came across XCode Previews within the Accessibility > Per App Settings menu. I never downloaded this app and it did not appear in the Home Screen or App Library until I opened it with a Shortcuts > Scripting > Open App command. Now it appears in the App Library but I am unable to remove it. Why is it in my phone? How can I remove it? Can it be maliciously accessed? Please help removing it.



Sorry the Xcode Previews app has you concerned.

The app is part of the OS installation, but is primarily only used by iOS app developers and therefore is hidden by default. Being part of the OS installation means that it does not pose any security concern, but also means that it is not removable. Sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you.