iOS App Create Custom Calendar prompt dilemma

Hi all,

I'm writing an iOS app for the iPhone and iPad and it's basically done. I'm going through lots of regression testing and I'm sort of stuck on a scenario that I'm not sure of the most elegant way to handle it. My app uses a custom calendar, EKCalendar, for my users to do scheduling. When the user first launches the app, it prompts the user to enter a custom calendar name. I don't want them to default to the standard apple Calendar because it will mix appointments with my app when I display their appointments for this app. Should I force them to enter a custom calendar name or should I allow them to just default to the 'Calendar' for their scheduling? And then maybe down the road offer an update where they can change this custom calendar name as I am storing it using CoreData.


Ok, I "solved" this overnight with some quality sleep. Instead of forcing the user to enter an arbitrary Calendar name, I'm just going to set the custom calendar to the name of the app so they don't have to deal with it. I was also debating on how to handle the app if the user chooses "don't allow" for access to the Calendar request and now I will just prompt them if they try to go in to the section of the app that uses the calendar and I will inform them that they need to go into the settings to enable the Calendar for this application versus some other initial more extreme options of quitting the app or disabling the front end. After further thought and reading, I determined that a better practice is to let the user still use the other parts of the app and prompt them on the section they can't access with a solution to correct this if they changed their mind and wanted to now allow access to the calendar.