How do I find the UDID for my iPhone 6?

Setting up/registering my device for testing requires a UDID [Certificates | Devices |iPhone]. According to various Apple support pages, that is supposed to be on the Settings/About screen, but with 10.2 that's no longer the case.

Got it; just connect the device and go to Xcode 'Window | Devices'

Also via iTunes - select the device, then click on the serial number...first click is UDID (then ECID then Model Identifier) - right click and 'copy'.

You have to have a DATA cable that still works, connecting your iPhone to your computer ... then it can be detected in Xcode and iTunes ...

On the other hand, you can access to find your current device's UDID

What in the world it is hard to find out my Apple devices's UID. I've Apple iPhone 12 and I've macBook Air (2017), the cable is Type C and there is no such port. Apple's monopoly sucks, one side they say they wants to be eco-friendly and other side they are making us spend extra bucks on buying connectors, adapters.

So should I go and buy a Macbook if I want to get my iPhone UDID? Or is there a normal way, like opening up Settings app or something?

How do I find the UDID for my iPhone 6?