ios 17 Battery Drain

I am on iphone 14 pro and latest ios 17 beta, have tremendous battery drain. In few hours below 20%. Any help or suggestion ?

Same issue but it is expected as always in early stages of beta. Try low power mode or if you dont want to do that use beta not on your daily driven iphone. I noticed from %44 to %37 sudden drop. so maybe it is reporting not properly.

I am having the same issue, went to settings battery usage, and it reported the HomeKit widget was consuming 30% of my battery. I removed the widget, it's much better however still in early beta drain land.

Hi, my iphone 12 pro consumes 80% battery in 4 hours. In my case 70% of battery drain seems related to MAIL it consumes the 70% of battery. mail has 13 accounts

hope the next beta be out asap


Hi, same issue on my iphone 13... 20% in 2 hours....

I've taken an in-depth look at this. I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

I investigated the issue and found out that the mail app drains the battery 100% when charging / at night. Later on I found out that actually the consumption rate is equal on the rest of the day, but due to the fact that I'm using other apps, the battery consumption is shared between them.

So, main culprit: mail app, draining battery in the background, 100%.

I just can't deal with this ATM, I can't remove the Mail app as I need it: I needed to recover my way up to iOS 16.5 unfortunately. The entire OS it's a bit too buggy at this time.

I have a Iphone 14 , 6months old and recently upgraded to ios17 beta. The moment, i installed it I have started facing problems in battery. It is draining very fast within no time. earlier when i was using ios16, my phone's battery used to last 1 day or more than that but now ends in half a day.

I currently have the same problem with an iPhone 14 Pro and 100% battery capacity/health. As if that wasn't enough, I'm seriously worried about the heat generated by the battery. The iPhone is worryingly warm.

Is there any quick fix?

I am having the heat and battery issue on iOS 17 using the iPhone 12 mini

I found a solution for myself - turn off location services! And keep in mind all the time lock your iphone. Looks like automatic screen locking is not working as expected. Now Battery life looks ok on iOS 17.0 Beta and also on watchOS 10.0 Beta.

i cant go up more then 60% - iPhone 14 last ios 17 beta

iPhone 13 pro & watch series 8 - had no problems with beta iOS 17 until 2 days ago. Now consistently overheating and can't keep a charge. Not sure what changed. Any suggestions?

Beta versions has a lot of system monitors running all the time to send data to Apple for system improvement, therefore the battery drains faster. It is normal.

Is the battery drain on ios17 public beta due to the debug code that could be on during this stage?

Same here even with latest public beta. Can barely leave the phone untouched for 4h without charging.

the drain even in low power mode is crazy with the latest public beta. - iPhone 13 mini.

hope that gets fixed before release in a week… if not the iPhone is not usable.

I can see the battery is draining very fast on iPhone 11 as if the battery is dying. It went from 32% to 28% just after 7 minutes of voice call. iOS version: 17.0(21A329)

Also when I put the phone on the charger, it shows charging and stuck there, the battery pct is not increasing and sometimes it goes down when it's plugged!

Everything was working prefectly on iPhone 11 before this upgrade :(

My Dad, iphone xs and my sister iphone xs max ios 17 bug charging , Each charge fails to exceed 4%, Every time you charge the battery, you have to restart the phone , Please fix it Apple, Thank You !

same i have iphone 12 and my battery would last from 95% for the entire day and even like 5 hours the next day. Now from 95% i can only get around 5-6 hours

Same for me on iPhone 14 Pro. After I updated to iOS 17 my battery % is going down really fast. Always in the evening, I had over 50 % of my battery left, now only 8-10 %. Apple please check this.

I have an iPhone 14 Plus that's less than a year old, and prior to the update it was at 98% battery health, it's now dropped down to 96% and the battery drain is insane. By the end of the day it's at 25-36% when it used to be above 50% at the end of the day prior to the iOS 17 Update. Super upsetting.

I am using iPhone 14 Pro. After updating to the IOS 17 stable version, I experienced a very fast battery-draining issue.

I'm having the same issue on iPhone SE. It's draining very fast even when I don't have data or WiFi on, like if someone sends a text the battery will go down 1% instantly.

Same for me and having the same problem for Battery drain in IOS17 . i'm using iPhone 15 Pro max in 1hour my phone battery was drain 100% > 93% with browser

iPhone 13 upgraded to 17.0.3. Battery drained from 100% to 70 within a few hours. Faster than usually

Im using iPhone 11 pro and after upgrading to IOS 17.1.1 my phone battery drain quickly. It seems that now when I charge I cant use the phone because the battery drain faster then its charging.

Wish I turned off auto updates.

i'm on iphone XR, i turned on automatically software update setting , but when updating ios 17 was stucked my WIFI button started greyed out and bluetooth as well not functioning, even after i updated to ios 17.1 and 17.2, wifi, bluetoothi doesn't work, and battery drain out too fast, have to charge more than 5 times a day, my battery health is still 80% ! this is weird , everythings worked well before updagrading ios 17 :(. any solution pls

ios 17 Battery Drain