searchpartyd runaway energy/CPU usage

I'm having an issue with Sonoma beta 4. It's been present in all of the Sonoma betas thus far, but it seems to be getting worse.

The "searchpartyd" process keeps spinning up and taking an enormous amount of CPU and energy. This happens while on battery and also on power.

I've collected spindumps and all the data I can and filed a bug report with Apple. So far, no response.

Has anyone else experienced this?

In console.log, I see that it is complaining quite vividly about "BeaconStoreActor" issues:

No BeaconStoreActor available!
Unable to get BeaconStoreActor!

I suspect it is an issue with FindMy and possibly an AirTag, but there's quite little to go on.

It is related to iCloud sync bird service. I had the same error. You can't stop this service. But, you can kill it temporarily.

searchpartyd runaway energy/CPU usage