How to resolve the issue of 'verifyReceipt' being deprecated?

Dear Apple Developer Support Team:

Our product is currently using the Original StoreKit to provide subscription services to our users, and we are using "" to verify the subscription status of users. Everything is done within our mobile app, and we do not have our own server.

However, we have recently discovered that verifyReceipt has been deprecated, and during our TestFlight testing of our subscription service, we often encounter issues such as slow subscription callbacks and lengthy subscription status verification times.

Therefore, we are reaching out to seek your assistance. We hope that you can provide us with some help in resolving the issues we are facing with our subscription service development. This will enable us to have a more sustainable collaboration in the future.

We look forward to receiving your response as soon as possible. Thank you!

Best regards, Avocado Development Team


You should never have been calling the verifyReceipt server endpoint directly from your app.

Best practice for how to verify the app receipt is described here: