Server 5.4 changes

Hi all,

Server 5.4 has a weird thing. From release notes :

Caching Server, Time Machine Server, and File Sharing advanced options are now built directly into macOS

• Caching Server now supports a tiered architecture

Now, I can confirm all this is gone from Server itself. How do you manage them now ??? I don't get it.

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Those services can not be managed anymore from the CLI with serveradmin....

Apple, we need some explanations, as these are vital to us !!


Right click on a shared folder in the Sharing prefernce pane and choose advance options.

This allows to set up Time Machine Server.

I hope this will revert to the previous interface.

As for caching, I haven't seen the option yet.... All the more surprising as it is said to support "tiered architecture" ??

It's all in sharing preference pane... Weird. But all there.

That's what I had assumed by reading the readme (I have not installed it yet) Do you know if it was there from even before the Server Install or it showed up after? It could be that it is always there now and the Server install only does extra stuff like Profile Manager, etc.

It's there on my machine and I didn¨t install Server (I think). FWIW

I haven't installed Server yet and this stuff is already in Sharing settings.

To me this is a clear sign of upcoiming deprecation for macOS Server. This really, really *****. I manage 60 of them!

They censored s u c k s?

I use Server's Xcode Service to host my own git repositories. That feature is going away too. Pretty disappointing.

Don't the release notes say this is being bundled directly into Xcode now?

I believe I read that the feature to self-host git repositories is being dropped though.

Release notes:

Xcode Server no longer includes the capacity to host Git repositories. To continue using repositories that were set up in macOS Server, configure a new remote and push your code to that remote. After upgrading to Xcode 9, any existing repositories will be archived in /Library/Developer/XcodeServer/HostedRepositories. (31243129)

Or did I misunderstand?

I uite like the iCloud caching being part of the base OS.

Imagine in a college/school/business people can log into their icloud to any Mac and when the computer requests data from iCloud, it tells it to try the local copy on another Mac in the building - their files are pulled from the last Mac they used if possible. All behind the scenes.

Same goes for Apple Updates, saves a lot of internet bandwidth.

I am a little confused by the release notes. Are the changes to caching and file sharing permanent? I may be the only person in the world that runs a 100% apple shop, but I use for file sharing with a pegasus thunderbolt raid box. I don't use caching server at all, but it doesn't make sense to me to remove these features from I generally manage my server remotely via and the command line via shh connections. The ability to manage these services from both the command line and via is pretty critical to the way I manage our business. While I could migrate all of the services that provides I find having one app to manage all of these services quite effective and efficient. ( even with it's quirks ) I would hope apple moves these back to and allow control via the cli.

I don't understand what is going on with Server Beta. I downloaded Server 4.0 from the develiper site. The site says it's Server Beta 5.4 (17S1119j) but once I start Server on my computer it says it's Server 5.3.51 but the build is the expected 17S1119j. What is going on? Is there a rename of the Server?

I've gone through this process twice. Each time when it hits the "Updating Profile Manager service" it hangs there for ages. Could be an hour? More? Activity Monitor shows micration_tool is running at 100% CPU for most (all) of that time.

Once working, the Web services seems to be whacky. It displays the websites I've added locally and the ip addresses are responding to pings but the intended web page do not display. The default web services page displays for most addresses and where there is a conflict, no pages are displayed at all.

Any ideas? Am I running a strange, almost 10.13 version of Server but not quite or is there something else wrong with my configuration.

I updated Server from Server 5.3.1 (16S4128) if that helps anyone.

This is running on a Mac-mini.

Same thing but mine is a fresh install. I chalk it up to that they were working on the new 5,3 and opps we forgot we have to release a 5.4 beta.....

This definetely is a sign that Server App is going away. Apple really has no monitary reasons to keep this going. THey will refure you to Jamf and Active Directory as replacments. Or basicly just say sorry we dont do that anymore youll have to find a third party solution.