Exchange Activesync iOS 11 issues

Not able to connect to Exchange Activesync on iOS 11 using the Blackberry UEM Client app (App Store). All syncing items fail with an “Account error” - i.e. Calendar, contacts, mail, notes, reminders. Please investigate if possible. Thank you.


to me it looks like ActiveSync protocol has been dropped by Apple on iOS 11, there are no notes about it, probably they await someone to find it??

can someone ack or deny this?

Same here - would love to have some confirmation if this is indeed the case.

There are changes in how some accounts are set up, but it doesn't seem that ActiveSync support is has been dropped. Existing accounts set up on iOS 10 and earlier continue to work as-before upon upgrading to any of the iOS 11 developer betas released so far.

When choosing Exchange to set up new Office 365 accounts, iOS 11 currently guides the user through the Modern Authentication flow. If the organization has blocked application access, the user will receive a notification to contact their adminstrator. At that point they can continue to configure the account manually and it will work with direct authentication.

We (Government) use certificate authentification with Exchange 2010 SP3. Works fine for years (10.3.3 included), but doesn't work with iOS 11 Beta (public 1, 2, 3). We used Apple Configurator to add the certificate to the Exchange ActiveSync profil. Same bug with Apple Configurator 2. Works fine on my iPad Pro 10.5(10.3.3) but not anymore (can't even install the profil) on my iPhone 7+.

We will check to build a exchange authentification without certificate and hope it works ... anyone can help us?

Hi ! I have exactly the same issue about iOS 11 and Exchange account with certicate authentication. However, no problem to install the profil even it doesn't fix the Issue. Jim

Hello mleiphamellis, Do you have a link of the source if it's public documentation? Thanks

Did you try the beta 4 ?

Same issue with the fifth public beta.

Same here with public beta 5

Using the latest beta (6) i am able to connect and send/receive mails. I do have problems sending mails to groups. Sending mails to individual mail accounts is working without any issue! Any idea? We are using Exchange 2010 (prod) and 2016 (dev). Thanks! Cheers...


Right now I always receive the following msg; the message was rejected by the server...

Thé 6th beta doesn't the issue.

just updated to IOS 11 beta 8. Same issue, all outgoing messages are rejected by the server - Exchange 2013.

Same problem with the ninth beta. Exchange mail with authentication doesn't work.

Same with me with ios 11 Beta 8 and Exchange 2013 and Certificate

same here with ios 11 beta 10 and exchange 2016

all html mails / mails with attachments can't send out / forward

what to do?

is there a bug which will be fixed in the final / GM?