Apps in the Apple Video Partner Program are required to integrate with a number of technologies — such as AirPlay 2, Universal Search, and Siri Live Tune-In, and TV Provider Authentication and the Set-Top Box Enrollment API for TV Providers — to create a seamless watching experience for customers. As you develop your app and integrate with the Apple TV app, use the following documentation and videos.

Apple TV App and Universal Search

Integrate your app with the Apple TV app and Universal Search.

Live Tune-In

Integrate Siri with Apple TV Live Tune-In.

Note: Siri Live Tune-In represents live linear channels with linear availability feeds within the partner manifest.


Wirelessly send your content from any Apple device to a device enabled with AirPlay.

Artwork Specifications

Follow specifications and best practices on artwork for Apple TV.

TV Provider Technologies

TV Provider Authentication

Enable authentication for your TV Provider services at the system level. Your brand will be featured during Apple TV set up, and your customer will be prompted to download your App.

Apple TV Distribution

TV Providers that have implemented TV Provider Authentication can also distribute Apple TV as a set-top box, providing a frictionless authentication experience out-of-the-box for your customers.