Get ready for the new Safari Extensions Gallery

Build and submit your extensions to the Safari Extensions Gallery for OS X El Capitan coming this fall. Your extensions will be hosted by Apple, and your users will get updates automatically.


Apple Developer Program Membership

To submit extensions to the Safari Extensions Gallery for OS X El Capitan, join the Apple Developer Program, which now includes development resources for Safari, iOS, OS X, and Watch OS. If you were previously a Safari Developer Program member and have an extension on the current Safari Extensions Gallery, read our Program Transition page.


Safari Extension Guidelines

Apple reviews all extensions and updates submitted to the Safari Extensions Gallery to ensure they work reliably. Before you submit your extension, make sure to read the Safari Extensions Review Guidelines. For technical guidance on creating Safari Extensions, read the Safari Extensions Development Guide.


Build and Submit Your Extension

Build your Safari Extension in the Safari Extension Builder using your developer certificate. You will also need to provide additional information, such as an icon, description, category, and screenshot.

Submit Your Extension