Safari Extensions

Safari Extensions are a powerful way to enhance and customize the browsing experience. The future of extensions development takes place in Xcode, where you can bring new capabilities to your extensions using native APIs and familiar web technologies. It’s easy to create Safari Extensions using App Extension templates. And if you’ve already developed an app, users can access your app’s functionality and content, right in Safari.

Development, Testing, and Feedback

Update to macOS Sierra and Xcode 8, and use the development resources below to learn more about building Safari Extensions. If you have comments or questions, send us your feedback or discuss with other developers on the forums.


When your Safari Extension is ready to be released, you can submit it to the Mac App Store and Safari Extensions Gallery. Apple reviews all extensions and updates to ensure they work reliably. Before you submit your extension, make sure to read the Review Guidelines for Safari Extensions.

Mac App Store Now Available

Safari 10 gives extensions powerful new capabilities to enhance and customize the browsing experience. With Safari Extensions, you can use powerful native APIs and frameworks, as well as familiar web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript inside your extensions. Safari Extensions are easily created in Xcode and are distributed and sold with apps on the Mac App Store.

Learn about submitting Mac apps

Safari Extensions Gallery

The gallery is available to all Safari users running Safari 9 or above on macOS Sierra, OS X El Capitan, or Yosemite. Users can access the gallery from within Safari, easily browse extensions, and install them with a single click. You can build compatible Safari Extensions in Safari Extension Builder using your developer certificate. When you submit to the gallery, you will be asked for additional information, including an icon, description, category, and screenshot.

Submit to the Safari Extensions Gallery