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Mini DisplayPort

Mini DisplayPort Connector

The Mini DisplayPort Connector is a small form factor connector designed to fully support the VESA DisplayPort protocol. It is particularly useful on systems where space is at a premium, such as portable computers or to support multiple connectors on reduced height add-in cards.

The dimensional specifications of the plug and receptacle mating interface and a recommended PCB landing pad are available for download under the Mini DisplayPort Evaluation License. If you agree to the terms of the evaluation license, download the Mini DisplayPort Connector Dimensions.

Mini DisplayPort Connector Implementation License (No Fee)

If, after evaluation, you would like to obtain a license to develop or distribute plugs, receptacles or other devices implementing the Mini DisplayPort Connector, please download and print this Mini DisplayPort Implementation License, complete according to the attached checklist and mail two original signed Implementation License forms to the Software Licensing address on the checklist. Your license will become effective when signed by Apple.