iOS Developer University Program

Is there an Apple Developer Program for students? Do students receive any discounts?

We currently do not offer student discounts or a student Apple Developer Program. The iOS Developer University Program is designed for accredited, degree-granting, higher educational institutions planning to incorporate iOS development into their curriculum.

What is the difference between the iOS Developer University Program and the Apple Developer Enterprise Program?

The iOS Developer University Program enables the university to teach iOS app development courses using iOS SDK and other Apple technologies. With the iOS Developer University Program, students and professors within the same team can share their development apps with each other through email or by posting them to a private website for presentation and grading purposes. Participating institutions must be qualified, degree-granting, higher education institutions.

The Apple Developer Enterprise Program is intended for companies who create proprietary in-house iOS apps for internal deployment only. Organizations need to have a Dun & Bradstreet (D-U-N-S) number to enroll in the program.

Who should apply to the iOS Developer University Program?

Enrollment requests for the iOS Developer University Program should be completed by an authorized representative who can legally bind the higher education institution to the program’s terms and conditions.

Can we install the iOS SDK on university lab machines to be shared by students and faculty who are participating in the iOS Developer University Program?

You may install a reasonable number of copies of the iOS SDK on Apple-branded computers owned or controlled by the university or the university’s employees or contractors, provided such use is solely restricted to university students who have agreed to the iOS Developer University Program Student Agreement, and university employees or contractors who are authorized developers for the university.

How can a student participate in the iOS Developer University Program?

All program participants must first register as Apple Developers. Students can then be invited by their course instructor to join a team. During the invitation acceptance process, students are required to review and agree to the iOS Developer University Program Student Agreement to become an active member of the team.

Can a student be listed as a Team Admin in the iOS Developer University Program?

No. Students can only be added to the iOS Developer University Program as Team Members.

Will Apple conduct identity verification on my higher education institution?

Yes. As part of the enrollment review process, Apple will review your institution’s identity information. Enrollment verification requirements and processing times vary.

I am a professor or employee of a higher education institution and want to create and distribute apps internally to members of my institution. Which program should I be enrolled in?

To develop and produce iOS apps for internal use by a higher education institution, we recommend enrollment in the Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

Can I be enrolled in both the University and Enterprise programs?

Yes. Developers may participate in both programs, but must use unique Apple IDs to enroll in each program. Please contact us if additional assistance is required or if you have any further questions.

How many people can we have on a team for the iOS Developer University Program?

A reasonable number of students may be invited to participate on an iOS Developer University Program team. However, the team is limited to the registration of 200 devices per year.

Who owns the intellectual property rights for apps developed by students in the iOS Developer University Program?

If you want to develop an app as part of your participation in a university course or program, you should consult with your university regarding your intellectual property rights and whether the university claims any such rights.

My higher education institution confirmed that I have the intellectual property rights to distribute the app I developed as a student participant of the iOS Developer University Program. How can I distribute my app on the App Store?

You must enroll in the Apple Developer Program to distribute your app on the App Store.