Tap to Pay on iPhone

Payment apps can now accept contactless payments from contactless credit or debit cards, Apple Pay, Apple Watch, and smartphones with other digital wallets — right on iPhone and without any extra terminals or hardware.

With over two thirds of all credit and debit cards in the U.S. issued as contactless-enabled cards, and rapidly increasing adoption of contactless payments, merchants will be able to seamlessly accept payments through a simple tap on their iPhone from most customers.

Watch a short demo

iPhone 13 Pro displaying a 'Hold Here to Pay' prompt in a shopping cart.


Offer an easy and trusted payment experience

Merchants using Tap to Pay on iPhone present a consistent and trusted payment experience to customers. The screen shown to customers clearly indicates the amount being charged, the merchant’s name, the category icon, and directions on where to tap their card or device.

With Tap to Pay on iPhone, customers’ payment data is protected by the same technology that makes Apple Pay private and secure. All transactions made using Tap to Pay on iPhone are encrypted and processed using the Secure Element and, as with Apple Pay, Apple doesn’t know what’s being purchased or who is buying it.

Validate payment cards and purchases

In addition to accepting payment, merchants can use Tap to Pay on iPhone to read a customer’s payment card without making a charge, so they can easily:

  • Add a card to a customer’s file for future payments, such as monthly gym membership dues.
  • Look up a previous purchase to help complete transactions, such as issuing a refund without a receipt.

Read and issue loyalty cards

NFC-enabled loyalty cards, discount cards, and points cards in Apple Wallet can be read with Tap to Pay on iPhone independently of or at the same time as payment cards. Merchants that have loyalty cards supported by Apple Wallet can also send requests to Apple Pay customers to join their loyalty program in connection with a Tap to Pay on iPhone transaction.

Get started

Build support in your payment app

App developers who want to offer Tap to Pay on iPhone to merchants will first need to integrate with a supported payment service provider (PSP) who processes the payments read by Tap to Pay on iPhone and provides the certified terminal configurations that are loaded on the merchant’s device. The PSP is responsible for all the necessary certifications and security considerations that allow merchants to accept payments.

Steps to support Tap to Pay on iPhone

  1. Work with a PSP that supports Tap to Pay on iPhone in the regions where Tap to Pay on iPhone is accepted.
  2. Request the Tap to Pay on iPhone Entitlement from Apple.
  3. Integrate the ProximityReader API and/or your PSP’s API in your app.
  4. Follow the Human Interface Guidelines for your app’s design.
  5. Build and submit your app for review.

Set up an iPhone

For a merchant to start using Tap to Pay on iPhone, they’ll simply need to download a supported payment app from the App Store, accept the terms and conditions on their device, and enable their device to be configured. They can then start accepting payments immediately.

Support loyalty cards and passes from Apple Wallet

Tap to Pay on iPhone allows the reading of NFC passes in a customer’s Wallet as part of a merchant’s loyalty program. Your app can:

  • Read passes independently of payment, at the same time as payment, or instead of payment if the pass is available.
  • Prompt a customer to join a merchant’s loyalty program after a successful transaction with a push notification.

For details, learn about the ProximityReader API and/or your PSP’s API.