Make the Most of watchOS

The exciting capabilities of watchOS let you bring the best of your app to the wrist with timely interactions that focus on the content users care about most. Take advantage of incredible performance, background modes, built-in altimeter capabilities, direct connections to accessories, and more.


Provide timely and meaningful information throughout the day directly on the watch face with complications. Your app can provide relevant information or allow for quick access into your watchOS app.

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Workout Sessions

Fitness apps can access real-time heart rate data, the gyroscope, route map data, the all-day accelerometer, and enable Water Lock mode, allowing you to create compelling fitness experiences.

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Shortcuts and Siri Experiences

Siri uses machine learning and relevance algorithms to show timely content or provide Siri Shortcuts — right when they’re needed. To take action, users can simply raise their wrist and tap the Siri watch face or say custom voice phrases to Siri.

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Device Connectivity

Apps can connect directly to Bluetooth on Apple Watch, so information is updated instantly and can be seen as soon as users raise their wrists. This feature is useful for a variety of apps, including continuous glucose monitors, and sports apps connected to equipment with embedded sensors.

Learn more about CoreBluetooth

Audio Playback and Recording

Audio apps can now run in the background. Users can play locally-synced playlists or podcasts while on the go, download playlists and episodes to Apple Watch, control playback using Apple Watch, and choose which Bluetooth audio device to play to.

Learn more about AVFoundation


Make your app notifications interactive with WatchKit controls that let users take actions directly within the notification without opening the app. Users can check in and add the boarding pass for an upcoming flight, update time or party size for a restaurant reservation, and more — right from within the notification.

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