Preparing Sticker Submissions

Sticker pack and iMessage apps are now being accepted for review and distribution on the App Store for iMessage. Similar to other apps on Apple platforms, sticker packs and iMessage apps are built with Xcode and submitted in App Store Connect for review. Before you submit, you’ll need to set up your account and provide required information in App Store Connect.

Before You Begin

You can choose to provide stickers in two ways — as a sticker pack or as an iMessage app. A sticker pack is a simple app that provides a set of images for use in iMessage. An iMessage app allows you to use code and APIs to add functionality such as in-app purchase to your sticker pack, or to provide text, video, and audio along with your sticker pack. Use the information below to prepare and submit your sticker pack or your iMessage app.

Building Sticker Packs

Your sticker pack must be built with the latest version of Xcode and signed using your Apple Developer Program account. For more information on how to build a sticker pack using Xcode, visit Creating Stickers for iMessage.

To learn about building iMessage apps, visit iMessage + Apps.

App Store Connect

This web-based tool is used for managing apps and media distributed on the store. You’ll need to sign in to App Store Connect with the Apple ID you used to enroll in the Apple Developer Program.

Tax and Banking. If you plan to make your sticker pack available as a paid download, you’ll need to make sure your tax and banking information is set up in App Store Connect. You’ll also need to request and accept the iOS Paid Applications agreement. This is not required for free sticker packs. For details, see the App Store Connect Help.

TestFlight. The TestFlight app, available on the App Store, lets you distribute beta versions of your sticker pack to testers on their iOS devices for valuable feedback. You can invite up to 2,000 testers using just their email address in the TestFlight section of App Store Connect. Learn more about TestFlight.

App Review. All sticker packs and related information will be reviewed in an effort to determine whether they perform as expected and are free of objectionable material. As you plan and create your sticker pack, use the App Review Guidelines and resources to help your app sail through app review.

Your Product Page

Each app distributed on the App Store for iMessage will have its own product page that provides information about the app and includes the download link. To learn how to craft an effective product page, see App Store Product Page.

Language. You can choose the primary language for your app. You can also provide localized versions of your app name, description, and screenshots for other languages. For more information, see the App Store Connect Help.

Name. The name of your app should be in your primary language and is limited to no longer than 50 characters. We recommend it be up to 23 characters for optimal presentation on iOS devices.

Description. The ideal description is a concise, attention-grabbing paragraph followed by a short list of main features. You can also provide localized versions of your description.

Icons. All sticker packs are represented by an icon that is used in the App Store for iMessage, iMessage, and Settings on iOS. You’ll need to create several sizes of your icon. For details, see the iOS Human Interface Guidelines. Note that sticker pack icons do not display on the Home screen.

Screenshots. Upload up to five screenshots of your app’s content for iPhone 6 Plus and one for iPad Pro to showcase the app experience. When showing conversations in iMessage, make sure the information and accounts you display are not real. These screenshots will be used across device sizes and localizations. For more information and specifications, see the App Store Connect Help.

Category. You can list your sticker pack in the Stickers category or another category that best describes your app. You can also list it in a second relevant category. Learn more about choosing a category.

Price. You can sell your app as a paid download or offer it for free. If you plan to offer it as a paid download, you need to set up your tax and banking information in App Store Connect. For details on providing this information, see the App Store Connect Help.

Rating. All apps have a content rating that displays on the product page and informs parental controls. You’ll answer questions in App Store Connect about how frequently certain content appears in your app, and your content rating will be generated. Note that your content rating may vary across regions.

Support URL. All apps must provide a link to a website that contains support and contact information.

Marketing URL. You can choose to include a link to a website that markets your app and provides product information.

Copyright. Provide the name of the person or entity that owns the exclusive rights to your app, preceded by the year the rights were obtained (for example, "2016 Acme Inc.").

Version Number. The version number of your app will display on the App Store for iMessage. Numbering should follow typical software versioning conventions (for example, 1.0 , 1.0.1 , 1.1). Make sure the version number on the App Store for iMessage matches the version number in the app bundle to avoid upload errors for later updates.

App Details in App Store Connect

This information is not seen by users and is used by App Store Connect, Xcode, and the App Store for iMessage.

Keywords. Carefully choose your keywords to ensure your app is easily discoverable in App Store search. Keywords are limited to 100 characters total, with words separated by commas.

Availability. The App Store for iMessage is available in 155 territories around the world. By default, your app will be available in all 155 territories. You can also choose to make your app available only to specific regions and countries.

Bundle ID. The bundle ID for your sticker app is created in Xcode. It is unique to your app and is used by iOS to recognize future updates.

SKU. This unique identifier for your app can include letters, numbers, hyphens, periods, and underscores. However, your SKU cannot start with a hyphen, period, or underscore. We recommend creating a value that is meaningful to you.

App Review. Provide the name and phone number of someone to contact if the App Review team has questions or needs more information. You can also provide notes that will be useful during the review of your sticker pack.

Version Release. Set your release date to "automatic" so your app is available for customers to download as soon as it’s approved. If you prefer to release the app yourself, choose a release date or manually release it at any point after the approval. For more information, read the App Store Connect Help.