What’s new in Apple Pay


Support for third-party browsers

Enable Apple Pay on your website for every browser1 on Mac, PC, and beyond. Customers can now easily initiate Apple Pay from any computer and securely complete payment on their iPhone by scanning a code. Simply add the Apple Pay JS SDK to your existing Apple Pay integration to extend support to more browsers and devices.

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Transfer funds with Apple Pay

Let customers initiate a transfer of funds from an account to a card in Wallet. They can avoid manually entering card details by simply selecting the destination of funds directly on the payment sheet, with a concise view of any transfer fees set by the merchant.

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Tap to Pay on iPhone

Enable your payment app to accept contactless payments, right on iPhone — without any extra terminals or hardware.2 Merchants can use your app to accept payment using Apple Pay, Apple Watch, contactless credit or debit cards, and smartphones with other digital wallets.

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iPhone 13 Pro displaying a ‘Hold Here to Pay’ prompt in a shopping cart.

Order tracking

Detailed receipts and order tracking information for Apple Pay transactions now display in Wallet. You can notify customers about order changes and provide easy access to customer service and order management options. Use PKPaymentAuthorizationResult and include the new orderDetails properties to seamlessly add order details to Wallet once the payment is complete.3

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iPhone screen showing a history of completed and upcoming orders.

Merchant tokens

Securely complete automatic or recurring payments, independent of a device, with the new Apple Pay merchant token. This allows for continuity across multiple devices. For example, if someone upgrades to a new iPhone, their payment information will be managed through a merchant token and remain active if they remove a card from their old device.

New transaction types in the Payment Request API let you fine-tune your payment experience for subscriptions, recurring bills, automatic reload of card balances, and more.4

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iPhone showing a recurring membership fee payment.

Pay multiple merchants in a single transaction

Offer the ability to specify purchase amounts for multiple merchants within a single Apple Pay payment sheet. This allows the flexibility to let customers make a bundled purchase, such as a travel package with flight, rental car, and hotel, then send payments to individual merchants.4

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iPhone showing an example of paying for car rental, hotel, and other travel expenses in one payment.