Anyone else seeing gps problems on iPhoneX with ios12

Gps seems to drift about and looking at Maps there is a pretty large blue circle that never seems to reduce in size, so an accuate fix never happens.

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I restored to ios12 and can confirm this has fixed the problem


I saw it on Waze this morning... between 50 and 100 yards off here and there.

I has been way out and fails to update often at all.

I tried all the tricks with wifi on and off airplane mode, reboots and soft resets also full reset but eventually tried a full restore via itunes as I had used the profile to upgrade and this cured the problem.

Same here on Waze / Maps / Google Maps / GPS Speed.

What did you restore too? iOS 11.4 or iOS 12?

I have also problems with GPS (accuracy + fix) on my iPhone X after upgrading from 11.4.1 in apps like Apple / Google maps, Tomtom Go etc.

To which ios version did you restore your device?

I restored to ios12 and can confirm this has fixed the problem

7plus same problem

iPhone X same issue. Has anyone else tried to do the restore and get it to work?

So I went and tried it...going to go play some pokemon go and see if it works for me.

No dice, still same issue. Guess I will have to wait for the next build and hope it’s fixed. I did report it through the feedback app.

I was able to get Apple Maps GPS working again by first closing Apple Maps and then opening Google Maps for example. Once Google Maps found my exact location I was able to close Google Maps and reuse Apple Maps. Strange..

Yeah I'm seeing GPS issues on iPhone7Plus on both Waze and Maps. Have not seen this since the summer beta 2 years ago..

I have noticed on an iPhone X since using iOS 12 on Waze and Speed tracker when plugged in to Car Play the speed is around 10 kms out.

eg; with the car on cruise control at 80kmh when using Waze the speed displayed as 78kmh then when I plug in to Car Play still with cruise control set to 80kmh the speed on Waze jumps to 88kmh Speed tracker shows a similar jump.

I too can confirm that a restore fixes the GPS issues.

Restore fixed the problem! (iPhone X)