iMessage has merged 2 conversations of 2 different contacts

Hi all,

I've 2 separate conversations with 2 different contacts (not the same phone number, nothing in commun).

On my MacBook (High Sierra) everything works fine.

But on my iPhone X running iOS 12 beta 3 (since beta 2 I've this bug), these 2 conversations are merged.

When I write to one or another of these 2 contacts, it displays the 2 conversations in one screen. It merges them.

When I try to create a new message, when I enter one of the 2 contacts, I don't know who receive the message, it's not always the same one that receive the message.

That's really annoying.

Does anyone have this issue too?

I filled a bug reporter for that.



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  • I have had this happen twice and Apple IDs are not shared. It happens only with messages between my daughter and me. My daughter’s phone ends up being merged with a commercial vendor and I get spammed with “we can’t reply” messages. The fix to delete the conversation works but deleting all my texts (even if backed up) is a terrible workaround.

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Turns out it was an issue with the two people sharing an Apple ID. Check their iMessage send & receive settings if this is your issue too.

I am having the same problem. I am messaging my girlfriend and imessages are getting mixed up between her and her son's phones. They are sharing the same itunes account, but on imessage they only have their individual phone numbers accepting the imessages.I havent found a work around for this. Were yall able to resolve the issue?

My theory is whoever you are messaging is using the same apple ID, even if they are using different numbers for messaging. I'm hoping this is a bug, because you will have alot of upset people if not.

Just a heads up to anyone reading this thread, the issue still exists in public beta 4, any help would be appreciated

I am having the same exact problem and after beta 6 still not resolved still merging.

Did you file a bug report ?

This has been a problem for me too! My brother in law and sister have different phone numbers and both have the setting "Start New Conversations From" set to their unique phone numbers. I've opened a bug report for this weeks ago but haven't heard back from Apple yet. I'm checking with my sister to see if they share an Apple ID (for iCloud and/or iTunes). Right now I'm trying to verify if it was fixed in the latest beta build (16A5364a) released 8/23. I deleted the previous conversations and I have two separate conversations appearing in the list right now but I'm checking to see if they merge like they have in the past.

This issue has gone away for me, not sure if it happened in beta 8, 9 or 10 but the conversations that were giving me issues appear to have straightened themselves out.

Hi DizzleDom,

For the bug you submitted, any word back? Especially now that we are on GM release and I still have the problem. Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


I’m having the exact same issue. Deleting the conversation works for me, but then I lose 8+ years of meaningful text messages and photos with my dad :(

This just happend to me today. Updated to IOS12 two days ago. Really annoying. How do we report and what is the hope that it gets fixed?

I have been having this issue since updating to ios12. The problem is that even a few of my family members that have their own apple id and are on the family share are also merging together in iMessage. Any additional fix for this?

This only worked momentarily for me. It started to happen again a few texts after the deleting of the thread. And yes - same problem with me I had to delete multiple years of awesome texting with my family.

I might have found a solution

  1. Delete one of the merged contacts
  2. Delete the thread
  3. Add the deleted person’s contact

Idk if this will work for others but it worked for me and just in case turn off group messages in settings - messages.