Is there a way to download payments data programmatically from App Store Connect?

I see that it's currently possible to report payments and tax information manually from the App Store Connect user interface, per the 'View Payment Information' section of the App Store Connect help documentation.

Is there any way to retrieve this information programmatically, either via the REST API or the Reporter command line tool?

The 'Finance' reports that are available through the developer tools show developer proceeds in the original currency of the transaction, not in the developer's currency post-conversion. Without currency conversion and tax information, the 'Finance' reports are not particularly useful for accounting purposes.


I think the trouble is that since the exchange rate is not established until the payment has actually been made, the choice would be either to delay the financial reports until the payment date – which is depriving developers of useful information – or to mutate the reports suddenly when the extra information becomes available, which means that the report you downloaded yesterday may be not the report you download today.

What we do is download the detailed financial report when it becomes available, and when the payment report becomes available, listing the amount for each region in the region's currency and our home currency, we run a process on the database to infer the exchange rate and fill in "home currency" amounts for each app and subscription. It is a bore but not a huge bore, since it is only monthly and it is only one entry per region rather than per-app-and-IAP-and-region.

Hi wdantzler!

Neither the REST API nor the Reporter command line tool currently support downloading exchange rate data. Financial reports show data in the original currency only. As you said, you can retrieve post-conversion information from App Store Connect once proceeds have been paid out, but this information is not available via the API.