how to solve "Verification Failed! There was an erro connecting to the Apple ID server"?

how to solve "Verification Failed! There was an erro connecting to the Apple ID server"?

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  • If you use Norton 360 and you are restoring your phone you will need to remove this in order to sign in and complete restoration… hope this helps others!

  • on latest phones this happens if your not connected to a wi-fi server, since apple needs the internet to verify that your ID and password is correct, So check your wi-fi

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I was having the same problem. I changed the time setting on the phone for 24 hour clock, so it now shows AM/PM, and that resolved my issue.

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Still not working=(

try resetting your time and date. This worked for me. Hope it helps...

Total crap but this works.

I had this problem recently when trying to set up my new iphone 7. Finally figured out that even though the phone said I was connecting to my wireless network, the wireless router said that the device was not connected. I don't know why. To work around the issue I rebooted my wireless router. After that the router showed the iphone device connected and I was able to authenticate to the Apple ID server.

I was also able to get around this by not connecting to wireless during the iphone setup and using cellular, however that doesnt work with restoring an icloud backup. For that, I had to connect to the network.

This solution really helps!!

Go to, edit & disable the two-factor authentication in security. Signout from icloud in phone and!!!

It did not work

Just set the correct date and timing and the problem won't reoccur.
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My iPhone 11 isn't connecting to the server even though i connected my iPhone to the internet. Not happy.
Resetting my clock helped as well! Thanks!!
Very late to this, but just had the same problem repeatedly. After seeing that someone mentioned rebooting their router, I tried just turning off wifi (I have a cellular service version) & it worked.
Late response but what helped me on my Mac was doing the following:

  • Choose "iCloud" icon

  • Manage ID

  • Sign in again on the redirected page to iCloud

  • Scroll down to "Devices"

  • Choose the device that is giving you that error and select "Remove from account"

After you have removed the device you can go to "system preferences" and login again with no problem.
Just in case anyone else had the issue I did. If you have xFi (Comcast) for wifi device management. Go to internet explorer and try opening Apple page. Check to see if one of them got paused which would cause issues trying to go to the internet or in my case, it connecting to Apple server... just another issue, but wifi carrier based not the device.
It won't let me put password it always get errors apple I'd
Ok so I erased the iphone by mistake now its telling me to sign in and I have tried to use my apple id multiple times and it says verification failed its as if I can't even use my phone anymore please help.