Baffled by iOS 9 Podcasts App

As a regular user of Podcasts I'm completely baffled by the changes to the App in iOS 9. No idea what I'm supposed to be doing.

My old iOS 8 workflow would be to scan through the list of recently added Podcasts, click on Download and click on Add To On The Go. Then once I'm out and about go to my On The Go list and pick the Podcasts to listen to.

I've no idea how to achieve the same outcomes on the iOS 9 Podcasts App ... anyone got any ideas?

The "Up Next" function seems to put them into an invisible pre-ordered list ... how can I jump around and pick what I want to listen to? How I can I instantly see all the Podcasts that I have downloaded on my phone?

Aaaagh! 😠


Yep. Complete disaster.


If you start to play a podcast you will see the now playing screen. You can then get to the up next list using the button in the bottom right. Hope that helps.

So, how do I do as I used to do with the last syster, which is, go to On the Go, add the ones I want (since I never listen to them all) and then let them play me to sleep without hearing all of them. Maybe there are a lot of people for whom the IOS9 app is intuitive as was the old podcast app, but I can't make sense out of it. Can anyone just tell me how to do what I want?

Go to whatever podcast episodes you want to add, then tap the 3 dots to the right and select 'Add to Up Next'.

To view what episodes are in the 'Up Next' list, tap the currently playing episode at the bottom, then tap the little menu icon next to the forward 15 second button.

I am very disappointed in podcasts in iOS 9. It is no longer user friendly. I actually dropped Beta testing for this reason.

The old functionality just isn't there. The only way to see this "up next" list is to start playing one, and clicking ... I've never understood why Apple didn't just have playlists. It's the simplest thing. There has to be other podcast players in the AppStore.

I agree that the new iOS 9 podcast app is a complete fail. Capability and interace is a HUGE step backwards. When did "losing functionality" become an upgrade? For downloading the podcasts, I have had to revert to old tech and use iTunes to download and sync. Is there anyway to install the old podcast app?

Totally agree - this version terrible.

Oh wow, that is horrible. Am I really stupid for not being able to find out how to do any of the following in that new Podcast app:

1. Play video podcasts at full screen?

2. Fast-forward? (Used to be possible by holding down the forward button.)

I was baffled by the iOS podcasts app as to how to move to a different part of the podcast with the timeline slider. Where is it? Turns out, in the Unplayed screen, if you tap on the podcast title (in the bar, second-from-the-bottom, to the right of -15 Pause/Play +15 buttons) you'll get the familiar full screen view of podcast - which has all the controls you're used to.

I agree its a little obtuse - the kind of thing you figure out once, then forget, and have to figure out again, next time you have the same problem.

The new iOS9 podcast app is so messed up. As a podcast junkie I have about 20 podcasts that I listen to weekly and now there is no way to oorganize! It's a disaster!

This is way too complicated and not intuitive.

This is crazy. You hit the cloud and it plays. How about when you want to go back to the beginning of a cast. You can't. This whole new podcast app is a mess.

Yep - can't understand why there's no update yet to this mess.

Where's the play button? Most of the time I have to click, double-click, triple click and it simply doesn't respond consistently enough to make a podcast PLAY.

The pop-out menu has *every* option but a PLAY option -- and 9/10 times I can't get a podcast to launch into Play by clicking on the link

Is Apple trying to kill podcast app b/c there's no major revenue stream there?

What alternatives are there out there, especially one's that would let me migrate from PodCast app without having to re-create / re-add all my episodes..