Big Sur installation stuck

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Install has been stuck for four hours on the Apple screen, with status bar at 100%...

I tried rebooting and status bar quickly went to 100% and again stuck...

tried to turn on verbose mode (all the ctrl keys and w, Apple key and v or l) and got nothing...
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Hard restart (with power button)
Before pressing start press: option+command+R
When Earth appears, release
Wait couple of minutes
Reinstall Big Sur or/and first aid disks or/and use Time mashine

It worked for me

The following steps helped me for MBP 2017:
  1. Turn off MacBook;

  2. Hold shift, turn on MacBook, it should launch to desktop in Safe mode;

  3. Open App Store, search "big sur" and press "Get", System Preferences should open with downloading of full Big Sur update (~12GB);

  4. Wait until installation completes and reboot normally, you can work meanwhile, however UI is quite slow in Safe Mode.

All personal files and apps remained intact, TimeMachine restore was not needed.

Brand new MacBook Pro that needed to update to Big Sur from Catalina. Progress bar at about 90% - 12.21 GB of 12.21 GB. And nothing. Been sitting there for a while.

Apple? It seems there is a problem with OS updates. What can we do to fix this? Trying to provision out my new system and it's stuck. I'm leery of doing anything else with the system until I can finish the update. Glad this is all happening during the free technical support period... Will likely be calling tomorrow.
Add me to the list, tried rebooting all kinds of ways and reinstalling Big Sur and it says I do not have enough storage space. It was working fine until almost 24 hours ago when I tried installing it, and now just keeps rebooting.
In 30 years of Apple I've never had such a disastrous install. Right now my fancy Macbook Pro is a brick, and Apple support sheepishly admits this is a problem they know about.

The ONLY solution offered by support is to connect by cable to another Apple computer and ERASE my hard drive and start again. That's putting a lot of hope on the regular backups!!

I'd call this totally unacceptable.
A few days ago a friend of mine had this problem. The update got stuck. In this case the problem was hard disk space. Fortunately I had an external disk with a MacOS installed... I booted the computer using that OS and from there I cleared some space from the internal disk. Then I started the system again and the update worked. It now has Big Sur working fine.
Big Sur-ge of pain to the brain. If there are known issues why don’t apple remove the update until they figure out why it’s causing machines to break. I’ve tried all of the solutions, nothing works. In recovery mode it won’t even recognise my password. I also wasted about 3 hours retrying the update before realising there was a problem. Ridiculous.
I was prompted to update to Big Sur today and am now unable to get past the login screen. Unfortunately I wasn't paying great attention to the installation but I did notice at one point it seemed to have failed.

I was close to not having enough space on my hard drive which it seems might be related. However, Big Sur refused to install until I removed some items and then it appeared to have enough space.

Currently, it can bootup to the login screen. I try to enter my password and it appears to be loading an update for a moment, but then it kicks out to what appears to be more of an installation screen for a moment, then eventually it just restarts and brings me right back to the login screen.

Have tried most of the solutions below, nothing is working. I currently do not have easy access to another Mac such that I can load this externally.

I would threaten to stop buying apple products, but I still think this OS (for me) blows away anything else I've ever used.
mannn mine is extra buggin, it’s stuck on 25% on loading bar, but has “less than a minute remaining” and then my mouse popped up, and then a box popped up around the apple logo, and a box popped up at the bottom left saying “ VoiceOver on Installer Progress, window, Apple Logo has keyboard focus”
Hi I am having this issue now. Did anyone find a solution? I have no idea what to do its been doing this for about 4 hours.

Same issues on iMac 2015, with total freeze up in recovery mode - no control with keyboard or mouse so I couldn't make any choices. dsortor had the solution in my case. Hard shutdown, then hold down the option key when restarting (startup manager) I had 3 choices: MacOS Hard Drive Backup disk. I chose my hard drive and finally have my computer back!

I would say the problems stem from the computer trying to restart from the install, as opposed to restarting from the hard drive. If the install is bad, then restarting is bad. If you can get to startup manager then you can choose to restart from your hard drive instead and maybe you'll get back in - good luck!

I'll wait on that upgrade I think... ;)
same problem. Luckily, I tried to install Big Sur to my external drive, so I was able to use macOS normally again.