Big Sur installation stuck

Install has been stuck for four hours on the Apple screen, with status bar at 100%...

I tried rebooting and status bar quickly went to 100% and again stuck...

tried to turn on verbose mode (all the ctrl keys and w, Apple key and v or l) and got nothing...

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Same issue today. I have a 2019 MacBook Pro I purchased around this time last year. I see the apple logo... And the install bar frozen at about 90% complete.

It's entirely disappointing at this stage that I cannot find an answer to resolve it. Im going to attempt to reinstall Catalina so that I can actually do some work tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Hey guys, suffering from the same issue, too.

today I purchased macbook pro i7 16GB 512 SSD; after starting it with my apple id; on the desktop found a new release of macos big sur as an update. I did required steps however it’s been going on for almost 9 hours and not completed. It once showed:
12,18 GB / 12,18 GB with an un-filled blue line in the dowloading statues bar; with an inconsistency that the download seems to be completed in numbers and yet the line has not hit the finishing point.

Suffering from the first hours of my brand-new mac has not been a good experience.
Hope someone would help and let me enjoy this device asap.

thanks in advance.
Facing same issue on iMac 2019 (Samsung SSD) migrating form Catalina 10.15.7 with both 11.0 and 11.0.1.

After having waited for hours, the installation progress bar did not even appear.
Decided to hard reboot leading into Catalina coming up ok up to you're login. Right after providing password, the iMac gets stuck in the login process with a frozen screen.
So finally booted into recovery and reinstalled Catalina, which is working fine :-)
None of the suggestions worked for me yet.

Will we have 11.1 soon?

So, I've had the same issue on my iMac 2017. I tried all suggestions, I got the furthest with @Charaiveti's suggestion until my mouse stopped being accepted as an accessory. So I couldn't choose "Reinstall Big Sur". I connected a wired mouse and had about 2.5 hours of "support" from Apple, essentially having me do the same things over and over. I'll add that about an hour of that support was talking me into the idea that my mouse was dead and I needed a new one. We reset SMC and NVRAM.

When I was finally able to choose "Reinstall Big Sur" from the recovery window, it tells me "This opperation couldn't be completed. Permission denied." Quick note, I am the admin user. So I reinstalled Catalina (and by the way my mouse started working as soon as I reinstalled) and tried to install Big Sur again. Same issue. My load bar sits at about 1/5th of the way for hours and hours.

I think I'll just wait until another version other than 11.0.1. Unless there are other suggestions.
I had the same frustrating experience updating to 11.1 Beta (20C5048k), 2020 MacBook Pro. I tried every suggestion posted but none worked. Finally contacted Apple Support who came up with the following solution:
  • Reboot holding the option key (Startup Manager)

  • Returns you to software update window

  • Updated Software

This time worked like a charm
Hold down shift while booting it up and your Mac will turn on
I am NOT a developer, or even close, but I opened an account here just to thank you all for your time and the effort you put in to providing the solution. When a mere, practical lay-user such as me encounters a problem like this (the blank, black screen; hours-long time burden, and - worst of all - the apprehension that all is lost) it can be emotionally mortifying. I went with Matthew_schuiling's advice, and was gratified to experience that same, enormous sense of relief. Thanks to you all.
same happened to me, while installing big sur on my macbook pro 2014. the solution was the one suggested in this thread, by Matthew_schuiling:

1) shutdown (by holding power button)
2) pressing option+command+r while restarting the mac
3) after a few minutes of a screen showing a globe and internet connection, a menu opens where you can find install big sur. press this one.

it should work, but have patience! due to desperation, i was almost ready to reboot again and again, perpetuating this cycle of suffering! so... try to be calm and wait for the installation process to finish, even if it seems that it will take forever.

what a relief when i saw the login screen again!! big sur is quite very nice, in speed and design.

i will also leave some useful links here, discovered later: (How to upgrade to macOS Big Sur) (How to reinstall macOS from macOS Recovery)

i'm writing this message from my macbook pro 2014 model, running big sur 11.0.1 and everything works fine, praise the apple gods.
I had the same issue on my 2016 MacBook Pro. Loading bar got stuck at around 95% about 10 hours (over night). I did a hard shutdown (hold power button/fingerprint button until it turns off) and restartet it after about 3min. Then it turned on just fine in Big Sur.

Thanks to the support and tipps given in this forum!
SOLUTION (I was on the phone with apple support for a half hour and they walked me through it)
  • Hard shut-down your MacBook

  • Turn on MacBook while holding option+command+R to enter recovery mode

  • When prompted connect to Wifi, choose your language and log into your account

  • It should prompt you with like six options. I first went into disc utility and ran first aid on all the internal drives (two for me). I don't think this is essential but may be a safe bet

  • After running first aid select the option to reinstall Big Sur, it should be already downloaded and then will just reinstall

This is what I did and everything is working fine, I waited about 8 hours with the installer stuck on 100%. Hope this helps!!
Same thing happened to my MacBook Air 2015. I had to hard re-boot and that forced it through luckily.
I have the same problem with my macbook pro 2020, I tried hard reboot, tried reset NVRAM but nothing helps me. I am lost 1 working day and this is very critical to me. Apple maybe you answer?
Any solutions?
One 2012 macbook air frooze in the post-install process. Turning it off/on helped luckily.
On 12"macbook (2018) frozoze at 99% of the installation. Luckily it continued after switch off/on.

Still very unbecoming to apple standards.

I hope they understand and accept this to be their problem and act on it.
My colleague encountered the same problem. He tried to restart with safe mode, but failed. So he tried resetting NVRAM by the following steps:
  1. Shut down his Mac 

  2. Hold down Option + Command + P + R for about 20 seconds

  3. Restart his iMac.

Finally, the upgraded was finished. Hopes it helps.
checkout this article: .