IOS 14 photo widgets

When I add the widget with photos to my home screen it displays a certain album being memories etc.. Is there a that I can select which album I want to be appearing on this widget?
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I have the same exact question.

Did you figure out a way to chose?
Same here did u solve it yet?
I have the same problem anyone figured this out
i try to change it and now i just have a grey screen or grey photo on the widget then nothing happen, i reboot the device and nothing happen =(
Plzz tell me did you find the way..
Same problem here
I believe Apple has not allowed the feature, it allows photo display only from Memories.
You cannot select from any other album, it is not a bug.
Petition apple to include this feature in the beta.
Same issue. I have three drama filled daughters. The pic displayed on my Home Screen is of ONE of them. I don’t dare show them my new Home Screen until y’all get this fixed before they see it. ASAP.
Same question + if I’ve added the widget multiple places, can all the photos please be different (or random). Sometimes they all synch up 😞

This is the best widget in my opinion and sells the feature.
I wish I had an option to point it at a widget album I could then alter/curate.
The widget shows the featured images.
Specific images can be removed by clicking on the widget, hold down on the image you want to remove and select “Remove from featured photos”

Once I have found out how to add I will post another comment.
Open photos. Press and hold on the memory that the widget is showing. Select ‘show less memories like this’. Keep doing that until you have a memory you like.
Download the app call “Photo Widget:Simple” in the App Store and you can select 10 photos from your camera roll that you want to use as a slideshow. You can press and hold on your home screen to add the widget like normal.
Change the iphone language can display it again
,change memories' title image can choose which photo to display.
ios14 iphone 11
Installed the IOS14 today. Photo widget is nice, but automatically is showing the picture of the first memory in the photo app. It seams not to be possible to change the image and it is even not possible to change the positions of memories in the photo app. So all you can do is deleting memories till you have that memory on the top, witch is showing the picture you like. But I don’t want to delete memories, so I have to live with the picture I don’t like to see in the widget and that little thing is making the widget not interesting. Dear Apple developers, can you please make it possible to change and select a picture I want to see in the widget or just making it possible to change the position of the memories, so that I can put on the top the memory I would like to see and start by touching the widget?