IOS 14 photo widgets

When I add the widget with photos to my home screen it displays a certain album being memories etc.. Is there a that I can select which album I want to be appearing on this widget?
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If only Jobs were around, these kinds of things wouldn’t happen. It’s sad that the leaders at Apple drop the ball like this. They could have the best phones and software and slump the competition hands down but they want to do slow releases to keep selling new phones every year :( Elon musk needs to start making phones. He would do the end consumer right.
You can always download the “photo widget” from the App Store. Open the app, then add all your favorite pictures you want displayed as the widgets wallpaper. You can also edit how long an image is displayed until it rotates to the next one.

once you do that, long press for jiggle/edit Home Screen mode. Press the + button and add the “photo widget” widget. Select widget size.

Then open the “shortcuts” app. Go to automation and press the + button.

select “create personal automation”

scroll down and select “app”. To edit new automation, you want to click choose and select “photo widget”. Also make sure “is opened” is selected and click next.

press + add action and search for “open app”. Press choose in the scripting box and select “photos” app

click next and deselect “ask before running”. then click done

now when you click on the “photo widget” widget on the Home Screen it will redirect to apples default “photos” app where all your albums are stored.

The only problem is, if you ever want to add or delete any of the photos that are rotating as the wallpaper, you will have to disable the new automation that you created because it will always redirect to your albums when you click on the photo widget. But you can always enable it again.

Hope this helps 🤙

Once again Apple get so close to doing something cool but then drop the ball by not allowing us to choose our own pictures. It’s force feeding me pictures I want to keep but don’t want on the widget 🤦🏼‍♂️ Why Apple? Why? It’s not a lot to ask for is it?
Ha! Same problem!!
Selecting a custom album to show photos in Apple photos widget is not natively available to ios14. As some have suggested there are third party apps that support a widget that allows personally chosen photos to rotate.
In order to use the certain pictures you want for those widgets, you have to create a new album and choose which picture you want. Kind of a little extra but all worth it in the end. In the widget app, you’ll be able to select which specific album you want and that’ll be your picture you just put into a new album.
You can download the app Widgetsmith in the appstore. Via that app you can customize you ios 14 widgets. I used it to personalize my photo widget to the album i wanted.

i hope this helps you guys!
I don’t even get to select an album for photos widget . It always picks from memories or featured photos, kinda strange 😟
It’s Apple.. ***** only gonna work 50% off the time on release and be fixed after an extended delay.
It seems like it was a bug, even in the iOS 14 Beta version and it's been reported a lot of times, We hope this issue will be resolved soon.
According to the user Heytayjay1 you can download the app call: “Photo Widget:Simple” in the App Store and you can select 10 photos from your camera roll that you want to use as a slideshow. You can press and hold on your home screen to add the widget like normal.
Those of you asking how to change the photo. Make a separate album with the photo you want. Then go to the widget and select that album. It’ll show the picture you selected. I mean, if Apple fixes the damn grey screen shit.
Now, my photo widget just showing the grey screen. Both in the smart stack too
yea it’s just apple being apple, they probably take a few years to fix it.
I just have a grey screen now on my photo widget