iOS 14 safari issues iPhone 11 Pro max

So today safari started giving me a an error that I haven’t seen. This occurs on most all websites.

“A problem repeatedly occurred.. then listed the website

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Still not working on my iPhone 7 Plus Beta 5. Please contact someone you know in Apple. I really need to fix this for my online class. 😭
No Fix for iphone 7 even with BETA 4.
Same here... any solutions???
Same problem on iPhone 7 iOS 14 Beta 3 (as well as Beta 2). No external case, but in my case the microphone stopped working some time ago before the beta update. Sounds like it could be related somehow. That being said, Safari worked just fine prior to iOS 14 Beta, even with a bad microphone. Otherwise with the Beta I have the same symptoms as what everyone else described, including Gmail issues.
Same problem in iPhone 7
even in iOS 14 beta 3!
I have had the same problem with my iPhone 7. Even with Beta 3. Hopefully it gets solved soon. Restoring phone does not work.
I've had the same problem ever since I downloaded the beta (Beta 1) and I don't have the battery case.
The same problem also occurs in other browsers, so far I've tried Mozilla Firefox and Opera Touch, same issue.
The page tries to reload multiple times before giving the error.. and browsers are completely useless. I also can't click any links on other apps as my phone freezes then.
I also have the same problem. Since beta 1 and I don’t have the battery case.
I’m also having problems to download apps from App Store and music ( Apple Music and Spotify).
I noticed WhatsApp problems also: Sometimes I need to stop a restart the download of a photo or video lots of time to complete the download.
I also have the same problem! All browsers have this problem. I don't have a smart battery case as well. Signing in from other apps that prompt site loading such as Google sign-in will trigger the error. I find it really annoying and renders me to not be able to sign in in certain accounts and also use my browsers with ease. The browsers are also unresponsive for some reason. I already sent Apple feedback, hopefully this will get fixed ASAP?
This is also happening to me! Safari or chrome it won't let me search anything. I reported through feedback but nothing yet.
Same for me in regards to the iPhone red issue. This is prior to updating to iOS 14 beta, but microphone has been broken for a while, phone will not record videos with sound, only way I am able to make phone calls is by bluetooth headphones such as airpods. In regards to the issue after updating to the beta, I do not own a battery case, never used one, and earlier today safari was working perfectly, then I updated to the beta software, and safari does not work any longer, even after cold and hard restarts, clearing browsing data, and any other troubleshooting methods. Have not been able to figure out a possible fix.
Same here,
iPhone 7 Red 128 GB, is my develop-test phone, it's broken in microphone CIP, No battery case but he always retrieve this error, any possible fix? (Without waiting the next beta)
I have this problem on my 7 Plus (and I dont even own a battery case) and my microphone also isnt working anymore..
Please help me! :(
I was having such a hard time with some apps not working with internet connection at all, such as all browsers, Gmail, and even some core applications.

After I removed by battery case, tried the apps, they worked.

Then I was able to put the battery case back on and everything worked.

Thank you so much Apple!
Yes I can confirm that this is the case for me as well. Unusable with battery case on.

I guess no one at apple uses the battery case.