MacOS Big Sur Beta Printing Issues

I already updated the latest version MacOS Big Sur Beta 11.0 (20A5384c) but after updated i got some issue in printing the documents. In first beta update document printed but only pictures are printed no paragraph is printed. After second update my new printer HP Laser jet Pro M15a installed but not printing even no error showing. Need support on it.

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Unfortunately this is not an answer but yet another question. I am on the last public beta and am unable to print to my Lexmark printer. After trying all of the usual tricks, I contacted Lexmark Tech support, and they weren't able do fix it either. They said that printer is fine, but no matter what we would do, we would always get the same >'Filter' failed< message. Anybody out there with useful solution?
This is not an answer either - I have the same issue with a Cannon LBP622Cdw. It prints images, but no text. I am using the latest version of Big Sur. Help!
I too am using the 20A5395g BigSur 11.0 beta, and am unable to print to my Lexmark CX517de printer, consistently receiving the "filter failed" message. The BigSur beta is using the same Lexmark universal driver 2.1 as is being used on another Mac on my network running an older version of MacOS; I have never had this printing issue before. Also, for what it's worth, I verified that my printer firmware is the latest version, reset the printing system in System Preferences, and reloaded the printer drivers. Still no go. Of note, the printer's scanning function appears to be working perfectly on BigSur. I'm very much interested in finding a useful solution for the printing problem!

An update from last week-- the problem is persisting with the latest BigSur version 11.0.1 Beta (20B5022a)-- same filter failure error with my Lexmark printer. Any thoughts/suggestions?
On Big Sur beta 11.0.1, attempting to print on my HP OfficeJet L7580 gave me error messages indicating that the macOS thought that the printer driver was malware. So I attempted to uninstall and reinstall the driver. But the driver installer won't run on Big Sur. Luckily I had a different partition that I could use to boot into Catalina. So I reinstalled the HP driver on Catalina, then went back to Big Sur and used Migration Assistant to copy over the printer driver. Now I'm back in business.
I use HP LaserJet Pro MFP M177fw. Since October, the printer also does not work in the last two updates of Big Sur. I think the problem will disappear after the release of the first version or fixes already to it.
Just installed MasOS Big Sur public (11.0.1). Canon MF633Cdw fails to print, although it's seen as connected.
Hy! I had the same Issue. Just simply remove and add the printer again at General/Printer it's gonna solve the problem
Just installed Big Sur Release today. I have two Canon printers and neither can successfully print text (underlines etc work).
The New system does not work with Epson printers either spent over an hour with Epson they could not make it either Contact apple earliest they can come back to me FOUR days away so no printer for 4 days
SO DO NOT Download this SOFTWARE Total Disgrace.

I just updated to Big Sur 11.0.1 and now my Canon multi function laser printer/scanner will not print text - most of the time. Word prints text most of the time, but Excel will not, and PDF's print the form but not the text. Excel files print the cells, but no text and the page is distorted.
For Canon printers do a search for 'canon print driver mf634 (or whatever)' and download the new driver for Mac OS 11
I have the same Problem as @Washington_Coyote. (Lexmark -> Filter Failed) Did you find any solution?
Same problem after upgrading from Catalina to Big Sur. My Lexmark CX417de which is still working wirelessly via the PC is not printing with the Mac (Lexmark -> Filter Failed error message)
I upgraded from Catlina to Big Sur 11.1 and now my Canon Printer Pixma MX512 does not work. The Canon site says there is no driver for this OS.