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At my office the doors are locked with an NFC reader. We carry around a little NFC tag on our key chains which will read out a number and this then will open the door if the number matches a number in the database.

I am tired of carrying around the tag, people keep loosing it, forgetting it and it would be nice to open the door using a Phone - which we tend to always have on us.

So I used a credit card which is NFC enabled to readout the NFC information, added this number to the database and can now open doors using my credit card. This is pretty cool. If I forget my keys (most likely they will be on the desk but silly me left the desk without them), I may have my wallet with me.

Then I tried on my iPhone and select the same credit card. However the door doesn't open. When looking in the door software I noticed that the tags will always transmit the same number. So does my credit card. However will read out 4 readings (or maybe just one very long one) and they are always different. So I can not make them match with the door database.

Any ideas how to make this work? Can I give somehow an NFC number which I can then add to my door database? Or how come the credit card and the very same one in don't match?

Thanks for your help! Would be neat if I could make this work out. This will make a lot of people happy at my office!

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Make sure that you have NFC on, which is obvious but may not be on. Then, may I ask how you are trying to unlock the door. If you are not, I think that you should try double-clicking the side button like when you would do it by an NFC cash register, as that would transmit NFC data.
The number of credit card on iPhone is dynamic, so you cannot get the same number in multiple reads. Fortunately, just replace the credit card to a transit card (Suica), and the card number will be fixed.
  • I add a suica card to apple wallet but it doesn’t work, can you be more specific? A special suica card is required?

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hello! The same question to Apple company. 21 century and we can not use NFC on the full power. Normally just one solve - add transport card to wallet and use ID of this card in your base. Transport card have static ID.
  • Can you confirm what transport card you are using? As I have tried multiple and they all use a dynamic “card serial number” Would be really ideal to use the iphone for access control applications.

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I have similar issue, I would like to open door using apple wallet. Currently the door opens using card (RFID). I was able to add a card to apple wallet. I want a guide on the following next steps :

  • How I add ID or number to the pass? to transmit the number to the NFC reader to allow access ?
  • is there a specific type of NFC reader to use with apple wallet? or can I use any NFC reader?

Thank you

  • How did you add a card to your Apple Wallet that has the RFID key?

  • What type of card have you successfully added to your phone? Any card I have used emits a random number each time when the phone is held up against the Access control card reader.

    In relation to your questions I’m guessing you want the iphone to be able to have the “sites” facility code. Which majority of access control systems use as it’s a unique number. I don’t believe there is an app that can do this apart from HID

    So far I can only think we can send the most basic card data which is serial number only.

    I am really interested in getting this to work so if you have managed to add a card with a fixed number. Please let me know how you have/what you have done to achieve this.


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The credit/debit cards stored on your iPhone/Apple Watch uses a dynamic system to avoid fraud. However, if you open up any transit card, it will only show one static serial.

That said, open up any transit card, read it on the NFC reader, add it to your database, done.

  • Can you tell me what transit card are you using?

  • What transit card did you use to achieve this? I’ve tried a couple and they’re sending out a dynamic serial. Thanks

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