watchOS 7.3 battery drain issue

Hi, I own an Apple Watch series 6 cellular. After upgrading from 7.2 to 7.3 battery life has dramatically reduced. Used to use all day and night and when I woke up it had still 30% to 40% battery life before a quick charge. Now battery will be 5% before going to sleep.

please help me to solve the issue.

kind regards
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  • I have the exact same issue. I actually had my watch changed thinking it was an internal battery issue only to learn it was mainly the beta software. I have back ground app refresh OFF; all non-essential app are deleted. I have experimented with many issues to isolate the problem. On my AW6, first, I killed using my watch as a remote and it helped. Next, I turned off the O2 sensors ability to check my levels randomly throughout the day - that dramatically helped.

    My watch on some days will be at 60% when I go to bed. Many days, it will go from 100% to 0 in just 3 to 4 hours.

    There is a bug in the software but I am convinced the battery is not big enough to operate all the features packed into the watch. Shameful.

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I have the same problem after updating my AW 4 to 7.3. Battery life went from 30 hours to 18.

Please give advice what to do.

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I'm experiencing a very similar issue as well. I have a series 5 cellular and I normally end the day on maybe 85% with light usage and yesterday I updated and ended the day on around 60%. Currently it is the following day and I'm at 45% where I'd normally be at 70%. WatchOS 7.3 is definitely causing this issue and I have no idea how to resolve the issue. Anyone have any ideas other than wait for a software fix?
Same issue here after updating to watchos 7.3 Battery drained from 100% to 48% overnight when it would normally be 95% in the morning. Also went to 20% after a few hours. Watch wouldn’t last 24 hours when 48 hours was normal. How do we roll back to 7.2?
I have the same issue.
seems like SLEEP is killing the battery.
fully charged before bed, 9% at wake up.

Apple, please provide a quick solution, and not take ages to resolve.

Same problem here. 7.3 draines the battery of series 6 completely. Due to this battery issue, it makes the apple watch useless.
My advise: don’t upgrade!!!!
Same!!! I have a 5 and it’s at 10% at 430 today. And I slept in, I don’t sleep with mine. What the heck? Come on Apple fix this quick!
I have the same problem with my newly buy Apple Watch series 6. After updating to 7.3 I need 2 times charging per day! Something is wrong.
Same, went to bed at 100% and woke up at 50%. I charged it for 6 hours too. This is a bad bug and it needs to be addressed ASAP.
Same problem with my older watch. Battery dies in the afternoon now since 7.3 update. Used to be fine all day. Not ideal
Same here! Please apple, solutions!
Experiencing the exact same issue. Apple Watch 6 GPS.
I have the same problem and I need my watch for work! Please fix ASAP!!
Same here. Apple watch series 4 (WatchOS 7.3). Used up all battery within 6 hours even after reset and turned off background apps.
Same issue on my Apple watch series 6 GPS!
Same here. Series 4. Usually wear all day & night and wake up with 30-40%, but today 6%.

Please fix!