Upload app to appconecct

An exception has occurred: Remote host terminated the handshake

Communication error. Please use diagnostic mode to check connectivity. You need to have outbound access to TCP port 443.

Could not connect to Apple's web service.

i al ready trie update java, turn off firewalls, change my network and i cant upload the app throught xcode 12.4 from bigsur 11.2.3 and i tried to transporter with the same error

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I've been having the same issue since the Transporter app updated to 1.2.1
any solution??

Me as well...
Having same error. Talked with Apple Developer customer support. They told me to try to upload my IPA file from another network. Talked with my network technician. He told me nothing is currently blocking the Transporter's upload query.
I cannot try to upload from another network since my Mac workstation belong to the company I am working for and I have no Mac machine at home. I tried installing an older mac OS (10.15) at work. Now I am not able to install Transporter or XCode since the current available version of XCode on Apple Store is not suitable for mac OS 10.15. I am pretty sure this issue is happening since Transporter has updated from version 1.2 to 1.2.1.

Anybody having an idea I could try now ?