USB hub failing under Monterey

Anyone seeing trouble with external USB hubs after installing the Monterey developer beta?

I have an ikling FX-1940E hub that I've been using with my M1 MacBook Air. Everything worked fine under Big Sur, and still does on another machine still running Big Sur, but I can't connect a trackball or keyboard via the hub's USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports to the Air since installing Monterey. The hub's VGA port still works on Monterey; I haven't been able to test the other ports yet. Also, a different hub (with fewer ports, so it can't simply replace the ikling) does work.

I've reported the issue to Apple using the feedback assistant. Any suggestions for anything else I can do at my end?

I have the same issue. HDMI, VGA and Power Delivery works but USB 3.0 ports doesn't. Only option is wait for an update or downgrade to Big Sur I think.


I noticed the same issue immediately after updating to Monterey. I'm using a similar dock with my M1 MacBook Air.

The issue seems to be with the USB ports. My iPhone will no longer get detected by Mac OS or charge when connected to any of the USB Ports. I also noticed that my Android phone is charging way slower now. Maybe the USB ports are not getting enough voltage somehow after this update. Not sure what the issue is. I reported it using the Feedback option and also updated to the new Monterey Beta hoping for a fix, but no dice.

The HDMI, Ethernet, SD Card reader, etc. are all still working. For now, we can either downgrade to Big Sur, or wait for a Monterey update with the fix.

I have the same problem too with an iKling 9 in 1 USB Hub (not sure what the model name is). It seems that power is transferred to whatever you connect to the USB ports, but not data.

I've also noticed that if I charge my M1 MBP through it, it messes up the charge percentage display, and it shows incorrect values.

didn't have this problem with macOS Monterey beta 1.

Other USB Hubs seem to work ok.

I had a similar problem with Monterey beta 3. When I update from beta 2 to 3, it began to fail booting up. Then, I tried to make clean install in other SSD. Beta 3 could run successfully. I checked kernel extensions. I found one (installed from SATSMARTDriver-0.10.pkg) of USB device drivers killed Monterey beta 3. I couldn't update from Monterey beta 2, and/or Big Sur to Monterey beta 3 because of this USB device driver (kernel extension). I hope next beta version will fix this kernel extension problem, and I can update my current macOS version without clean installing.

Not glad this is happening, but i am calmer that this is not an issue with my hardware and hopefully will be fixed with official version. I have hte same issue - only USB3 ports do not work on M1 Macbook air. When i downgraded to big-sur it works OK. I sent via feedback app this issue.

I'm having these kinds of issues too on Beta 6. Only on M1 devices, Intel based are working fine. USB-C monitor with built in dock, sometimes works, sometimes works but no power delivery.

If device rebooted with USB-C monitor connected, then it works - but unplug the cable and replace, and back to no power/accessories.

Looking forward to Beta 7.... :)


After upgrade to Monterey, latest public beta (21A5506j), PD over usb-c from my monitor (Philips 346P1CRH/00) doesn't work as well.

Apple please help!

Looks like most comments here are with MacBook and the M1. I have a been running a duel monitor set up with my MacBook Pro (intel) for years without issue on the MacOS Beta program. It wasn't until I just upgraded to release 8 that the monitors are no longer detected. I have not been able to find a workaround so any help would be appreciated.

Release version of Monterey still has this issue! - come on Apple!!


Just upgraded and no USBs are working, anyone have any temp work around?

PD (Power Delivery) over USB-C also stopped working on my MBP 2018 after updating to Monterey (12.0.1). I use a Philips 346P1CRH. Everything was working flawlessly with Big Sur.

Upgraded to Monterey and now power delivery from my monitor (Philips 346E2CUAE) is no longer working. HDMI is working fine.

Upgraded to Monterey and now power delivery from my monitor (Philips 346E2CUAE) is no longer working. Everything was working fine with Big Sur

Same thing on my end! Thought I could reset the SMC but turns out you cannot really on m1. Kind of ridiculous that apple rolled out update without even fixing this issue in the betas...

Solution: It is based off the adapter. I had a doohalo adapter and I switched adapters to another brand (non apple) and it worked. My adapter doohalo was worked pre update on big sur. Sucks how apple is trying to find ways to get rid of certain brands that people are purchasing….

I'm having the same problem after update, I can connect a monitor but the all the USB of my hub stop work. reset SMC, delete VPN nothing make it work, and the version is the final version of Monterey 12.0.1 (21A559)

Just Upgraded and My Aoc Power Delivery Monitor Not working like normal but the display still running

i have that same problem, MBP2018 not power delivery from Philips 346P1CRH, Monterey (12.0.1)...

I am also experience the similar problem with usb not being detected and i am unable to use the wireless keyboard and mouse now after upgrading to Monterey. Funny though when i upgraded, it was working. I put the laptop on sleep before sleeping and when i woke up the laptop it stopped working

Same here... on m1... After updating to Monterey power over usb-c from monitor (Philips 279P) stop working... in fact after booting I have to disconnect and reconnect the monitor cause it's not even recognized as external monitor... but no PD... Another similar issue I founded it that the plugged wired headphones are not recognized. Sound coming out from macbook pro speakers even if the headphones are connected after reboot. I have to disconnect them and connect them again to make them work (same as the monitor)

I have GreenCell USB-C hub, which I want to work with Power-Delivery, Samsung T5 drive, and graphic tablet on usb-A. Even though I am able to get T5 running, the only way I can use tablet is to disconnect everything, and plug the tablet to MB m1 air through USB-C DIRECTLY, which is a shame, since I am a full time teacher, working from home, and I am unable to utilise 27'external display while using tablet simultaneously. It was ok on Big Sur, and stopped working with first Monterey beta, and persistent through all of 9 of them, and finally this bug/issue is still present on Monterey RC.

I had trouble getting an external drive to load through a third-party USB hub with the Monterey update. It worked with an Apple adaptor. Unfortunately, that's now the second external thing that doesn't work with the hub I've got, which is a little aggravating.

Same problem here - only things from my hub that seem to work are the power over usb C cable and the HDMI Everything worked fine before the Monterey update... (M1 MacBook Pro)

Me pasa lo mismo, con la actualización no me funcionan los USB de mi Hub

I have an HTC 8-1 USB Hub and Ethernet used to work with Big Sur but now it's not (HDMI works well though)

USB hub failing under Monterey