How to detect close button action for default manage subscription in iOS 15?

I have used showManageSubscriptions function to show the subscription sheet with subscription options within the application but there is a close button in the sheet in which action is not detected, the button is clickable though.

@available(iOS 15.0.0, *)
    func showManageSubscription(_ windowScene: UIWindowScene) async {
        do {
            try await StoreKit.AppStore.showManageSubscriptions(in: windowScene)
            print("Sheet is closed")
        } catch {
            print("Sheet can not be opened")

Please check Developer Documentation


Is this snippet not resulting in it being printed out when the sheet is dismissed with the "x"? print("Sheet is closed")

If not, please file a ticket to

  • "x" button is clickable but sheet is not dismissed on "x" button click.

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This issue is solved in iOS 15.4.

  • Well its not working in iOS 15.4 I checked, is this working for you ?

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Same problem here and had this problem also with SwiftUI view modifier .manageSubscriptionsSheet(isPresented: self.$showManageSubscriptions)

Any workaround ?

This is still a problem on iOS15.5, at least in the sandbox.