iOS 16.0 No Live Photo or live Wallpaper on Lock Screen

in ios 16, branded live wallpapers and special ones for the iphone xs max model have completely disappeared, which is very sad, I hope that Apple developers will return live wallpapers from live photo and exclusive for that model live wallpapers and that I have already tried to put several live photos as wallpaper, but they are just like a static picture and more than one tip from apple care support did not help

I agree… I have an iPhone 12 default wallpaper, but now I can’t change the color of it. I’m stuck with it unless I change to an entirely new wallpaper. This is just a thought, but I think in the collections tab of the collections section, there might be live wallpapers coming or at least old iOS 14/15 wallpapers

I now regret spending money on a live wallpaper maker when the next update will make it useless! Don't know why they couldn't just make the wallpaper switcher a button.


Dear Apple, we need live wallpaper back, please, remove long tap gesture, keep lockscreen menu only in settings


no way. this xs live wallpaper is the only wallpaper i want to use ) :

Please put live wallpaper back and changing lockscreen should be 3 finger pinch out… and tap hold should be still for live wallpaper to make it live.. please consider it


i want my live wallpaper back 🥲


ios 16 live wallpaper rip -[*] 😭😭😭😭


i have a 13 mini,and it’s own live wallpaper was the best I’ve ever had! And now 😩


Just installed ios 16 beta and live wallpapers are GONE! APPLE PLEASE BRING THEM BACK! WE MISS THEM!

i think it’s bs that they took live photos away 🙄. BRING IT BACK!


It made me very disappointed to know that I couldn’t use live wallpapers anymore. I guess I have to go back to ios 15…

Android had live wallpapers ages ago and apple is still unable to crack it. The long press in ios to animate wallpaper concept belongs to the stone age. Bored of seeing the same icons and theme in ios. I might as well switch to android as it offers loads of customization and the phone turns magical and lively. If I'm paying 1000 bucks, I want the phone screen to look how I want it not how apple wants it!

I tried iOS 16 beta on my old iPhone and I was not impressed with the wallpapers, I have the blue iPhone 13 and the Blue wallpaper and when I checked out the new wallpapers it’s all gone and replaced with BORING plain ones or ones if the earth or the weather 🙄.

I have an iPad Air 4 and again I have the original blue wallpaper that’s exclusive to the newer iPads and I bet you they remove them too in favour of these pathetic wallpapers. Makes the phone look like it’s something from 2007, the widgets are absolutely pointless and tbh they are ugly! I think after this phone I will be looking at Android again.

why can’t you just keep the original wallpapers and add new ones to the mix! Especially the wallpapers that are exclusive to certain phones and iPads. Every update always feels like the consumer is part of some study on how to make a phone look more boring every time a new software release comes out.

First you kill force-touch. Then the Touch Bar on Mac. Now the live on Lock Screen. Whyyyy??? We actually love it!! I realize you need the long press to internet the screen customization. Sure. Then let me long press with two fingers to see the silly face me and my partner make on Live Photo on my lock screen. Come on, Apple. We love you. Give some love back. 🤗

My mother died & I use Live Photo wallpaper to watch her smile at me every day. My 2 year old loves it too. This is devastating. 😢 It’s the little things, you know?

Please stop yelling, DEV knows better what you like and what is not necessary for you any more. They just remove live photo so accept it, adapt yourself to new idea bacause probably you don't understand it at all. Of course they could did a pinch gesture (android style) or L gesture or any other gesture to enable edit mode for lock screen insted of hold a touch what was a live photo start but... if they decide to remove it it's just done. Sometimes if you take out you phone from a pocket and realize that lock screen widget was changed due to self auto hold touch and random edit of lock screen, please don't scream it's a new surprise like 1st April so be smiled and happy you just get a bonus.

just updated to iOS 16 and they haven’t fixed this still :(

just installed ios 16 and it's pretty cool but why would y'all remove live wallpapers?!?? like cmon i literally got an iphone for those... now i cant see my old live screen of my love ones, and i was so excited for this ios 16 but damn im pretty dissapointed,, PLS BRING THEM BACK PLS😭😭😭😭

In the past two years, the live wallpaper showed my little cat, turning her head and looking at me. Now it’s gone!! Who knew that these little things are the happiest moments in your day. PLEASE BRING IT BACK 😳 Leave the lock-screen’s setup in the settings menu🙏🏻

We love livephoto on lock screen, please, apple, you can put lockscreen setting into setting app, take livephoto wallpaper back🙏

Just upgraded to ios 16 in UK and lost my awesome live wallpaper photo. VERY DISAPPOINTED. It was actually the first thing I noticed after installation was complete.

Please, return back live wallpaper unique for every iphone !!

I’ve switched to IPhone from Android last year because I’ve really liked the dynamic and live wallpapers on iOS 15. And now it’s gone with the iOS 16 update… I’m so disappointed right now…

What the heck!? I had no idea the new iOS would remove the Live Photo wallpaper.. I spent way too much time designing my own wallpaper in Photoshop and Aftereffects. It made my phone look like a sci-fi prop when pressed. It was my favorite wallpaper, and used it for years! Why would you guys get rid of the Live Photo wallpaper, WHY!?

Why do you Remote it! This was the last vid ive got Form her amk.

iOS 16.0 No Live Photo or live Wallpaper on Lock Screen