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About technotes

Technotes are focused, timely documents from Apple Developer Technical Support. They explore a wide range of development topics and provide guidance for developers creating apps and accessories for all of Apple’s platforms. Learn about specific development topics through these in-depth technical articles. You can subscribe to the RSS feed to get notified when new technotes are published. 

Each technote has its own Developer Forums post. We encourage you to discuss the technotes and share your feedback. Let us know if a technote is helpful, or what we can do to improve it. We would appreciate it if you include a Feedback Assistant (FB) number so we can easily track your feedback, and let you know when it’s resolved.

Provide feedback

You can provide feedback about a specific technote (or technotes as a whole) using Feedback Assistant. When filing, use the following path when creating new feedback:

  • What are you seeing an issue with? Developer Tools
  • Which area are you seeing an issue with? Developer Documentation
  • What does the documentation issue you are reporting involve? Technotes
  • Please provide the URL of the content you reporting an issue with: The complete URL of the technote, e.g.

(If you wish to leave feedback on Technotes in general, use for the URL.)

Then complete the remaining fields appropriately.

We appreciate and look forward to your feedback.