TestFlight Public Links on the forums

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TestFlight Public Links are a great way to share beta versions of your apps with other members of the Apple Developer Program. With this new channel, you can share your TestFlight Public Links with the developer community, to gather valuable feedback on crucial elements, like technical implementation, user experience, design, and more.

To maximize the benefits of posting TestFlight Public Links in the Developer Forums, here are some best practices to keep in mind:

  • Provide details: Give comprehensive information about your app, like new features and test cases, and note specific areas where you seek feedback. The more detailed your post is, the better equipped the community will be to provide insight.
  • Select platforms: Select the platforms that your beta app supports.
  • Enter categories: Enter the App category you’ve selected or plan to select for your app on the App Store. Categories are critical to ensuring your post can be easily found by interested users.
  • Stay connected with notifications: Enable web and push notifications so you’ll know when you receive feedback on your post.

Note: The TestFlight app is still the most comprehensive way to gather feedback. This space is meant as a helpful secondary channel.

TestFlight Public Links on the forums